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Your tool for screenshots. Lightscreen Portable is an easy to use screenshot app packaged as a portable app so you can take pictures of the current in.

This question's already been answered, but I thought I'd throw this in as well. (freeware, sadly, not open source) can take screenshots from the command line, in conjunction with the numerous other functions it can do. Running this from the command line either in nircmd.exe's directory or if you copied it to your system32 folder: nircmd.exe savescreenshot screen1.png does what you want. You can also delay it like this: nircmd.exe cmdwait 2000 savescreenshot screen1.png That will wait 2000 milliseconds (2 seconds), and then capture and save the screenshot. It can be done without external tools (you just need framework,which is installed by default on everything from vista and above) -.

Takes a screenshot of a desktop or any window selected by window title. It is also possible to select rectangle to capture. The result is stored as a png file. (last update in 2011) OPTIONS: -wt WINDOWTITLE Select window with this title. Title must not contain space (' ').wh WINDOWHANDLE Select window by it's handle (representad as hex string - f.e. '0012079E') -rc LEFT TOP RIGHT BOTTOM Crop source.

If no WINDOWTITLE is provided (0,0) is left top corner of desktop, else if WINDOWTITLE maches a desktop window (0,0) is it's top left corner.o FILENAME Output file name, if none, the image will be saved as 'screenshot.png' in the current working directory.h Shows this help info.

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