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Nx Post Builder Manual.pdf NX POST BUILDER MANUAL Nx Post Builder Manual This fantastic Nx Post Builder Manual is published to provide the reader an ideal idea in. Ug nx manufacturing tutorial pdf - ebook market Ug Nx Manufacturing Tutorial downloads at Unigraphics Post Builder Manual. Unigraphics & Siemens.

Nx 9 Tutorials Pdf

This is an example of what you’ll see after you start the 5-axis Bulkhead Machining tutorial. A new browser window is opened and displays step-by-step instructions for completing the tutorial. The part file is also automatically loaded into NX.

If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge ofcapabilities, then you should definitely try the self-study learning tools available directly inside the NX software. Try all eleven in-software Manufacturing Tutorials to gain a deeper understanding of NX CAM’s tool path programming capabilities for fixed-axis milling, turning, multi-function machining, 5-axis machining, high-speed machining, postprocessing and other supporting capabilities.

To access the tutorials, click on the Manufacturing Tutorials option beneath the Help button. You can start a tutorial by clicking on it in the embedded Internet Explorer window.


Each tutorial provides a hands-on experience that guides you through completing a CNC programming activity. Click Manufacturing Tutorials beneath the Help option to display the self-study manufacturing tutorials.

After the manufacturing tutorials are displayed in the Internet Explorer window inside NX, you can start a tutorial by clicking on it. Each tutorial gives step-by-step instructions for completing a small project with NX CAM. Illustrations show exactly what to do at each step and help you stay on track.

All you need to do to complete the tutorial is follow each step of the instructions that opened in the browser window. This table summarizes the eleven in-software manufacturing tutorials that are included in NX CAM: Getting Started - This tutorial steps you through basic interactions with NX CAM. You learn how to use the Operation Navigator and how to perform common screen interactions. Estimated time: 20 minutes Die Machining - This tutorial steps you through the process of machining a die. Estimated time: 45 minutes Plate Machining - This tutorial steps you through the process of machining a prismatic model.

You first create operations individually. Then you create the program using feature-based machining. Estimated time: 60 minutes Turning - This tutorial steps you through the process of creating a turning program for a single spindle lathe. Estimated time: 60 minutes Mill Turn Machining - This tutorial steps you through the process of creating a multiple spindle mill-turn program. You create turning, milling and drilling operations and manage the in-process workpiece.

Estimated time: 60 minutes 5-Axis Bulkhead Machining - This tutorial steps you through the process of creating a multi-axis program for an aerospace part. You also mount the part to a 5-axis machine tool and simulate the machine tool movements for the program. Estimated time: 60 minutes Mold Rework - This tutorial steps you through the process of remachining a damaged area by creating a repair program. Estimated time: 30 minutes High-Speed Machining - This tutorial steps you through the process of machining a wheel mold using high-speed machining techniques. Estimated time: 60 minutes Prismatic Part Machining - This tutorial steps you through the process of machining a prismatic part using floor-wall machining techniques and hole milling. Estimated time: 60 minutes Turbomachinery Milling - This tutorial steps you through the process of machining an impeller using 5-axis multi blade milling techniques. Estimate time: 60 minutes Output - This tutorial steps you through how to output, customize and print shop documentation.

Then you learn how to create and edit postprocessors with Post Builder and download postprocessors. Estimated time: 45 minutes If you need more information about a specific function, you can always use NX Help to find how to use that specific feature or function in the software. Access NX Help by clicking the Help icon. Once you click on NX Help, you'll see a table of contents for the NX Help Library, which has links to each application or software area.


This is an example of what you'll see after you click on NX Help. You'll find detailed technical information about NX CAM under the CAM (Manufacturing) section. Have you tried the tutorials? Do you want to try NX CAM software free for 30 days? And start learning more about NX CAM today. About the Author Aaron Frankel does marketing at Siemens PLM Software and focuses on part manufacturing solutions.

He has been in the PLM industry for over 15 years and enjoys helping companies apply innovative technology solutions to design and manufacturing challenges. Aaron resides in Southern California with his family. Dear all, I am currently working with the NX11.0 Manufacturing tool. The G-Code that is post processed gives me the x coordinates in radius, my machine tool (Haas ST-10), however, only understands diameter as xpath coordinate. Further, the the fractional digit are limit to 3 but sometimes the postprocessing gives me 4 fractional digits. Is there any method to configure the post processing so that the x path is given in diameter and the max.

Number of fractional digit is 3 (e.g. 2.233 instead of 2.2329). Thanks in advanced.

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