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I am a DIY and need to replace a bad motherboard in my HP Pavilion 533w Desktop PC (US). Finding a replacement is my problem. Synthogy ivory steinway grand piano vst.

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Get a strong flashlight and a magnifying glass (if you have one). On the motherboard look for the front panel, it should be marked PWR and coloured green, also the plug that connects to it should be marked PWRSW. On some boards there are no colours but the markings are the same, so a good close look.

Have a look at these pictures for an idea Please post back with the results and any more advice if needed. Good luck and thanks for choosing FixYa!! Posted on May 30, 2009. TriGem (Company) Imperial GLVE (Model) Hmmm, I'm at a stalemate. Looking at the specs for the motherboard chipset; The Northbridge and Southbridge chip, Intel 845GV Supports CPU's with a 400MegaHertz Front Side Bus, or a 533MHz FSB. Naturally I can't get a clear picture of those jumpers, but they look to be 3-pin. If we are to assume that the jumper pins set the CPU FSB support, from 400MHz to 533MHz, then the jumper cap is moved from either Pins 1 and 2, to Pins 2 and 3; on J2 jumper; Or Pins 2 and 3, to Pins 1 and 2.

Imperial Gl Ve 20020930 Specs

Sort of a guessing game, as to where the jumper cap goes to what pins, for 400MHz FSB support, or 533MHz FSB support. Do you have any idea of what the FSB is for the old CPU (Processor), that was in the motherboard?

(Or is) Let's say 400MHz. You now know if the CPU you are wanting to use, needs 533MHz Front Side Bus support, you need to move the jumper cap to the opposite pins. What happens if it's wrong?

Imperial Gl Ve 20021218 Motherboard

Imperial-glve Manual

Processor just won't work. Change the jumper cap back. (NOT plugged into power when you do. Also FOLLOW Anti-Static Precautions) Yes. I'm 'out there on a limb' I am assuming after looking at the TriGem support page, for the Imperial GLVE motherboard, that the J2 jumper is used to change the FSB support for the Processor. It MAY be that J2 has Nothing to do with CPU Support. It may be that there is no jumper for changing CPU FSB support.


(Cleared that right up, huh? Geez!) For additional questions please post in a Comment. Regards, joecoolvette J1 = FDD. Floppy Disk Drive J2 = CPU FSB jumper J3 = CMOS Setup J4 = CMOS, IMHO Feb 19, 2013. Should be this one TriGem Imperial-GLVE pity it does not have agp. Any m-atx or uATX whatever you like to call it should fit.

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