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The Time of Flight Diffraction Technique (TOFD) is becoming increasingly used as an alternative to Radiography within both the construction industry and the in service inspection of pressure vessels and pipe work. TOFD, like any other technique requires to be applied in a concise manner in order to achieve the theoretical targets of high probability of detection (POD), a low false call rate and proof of coverage. The introduction of ASME and European standards has brought some coherence to the application of TOFD for fabrication inspection. However, a difficulty lies in the determination of actual coverage by TOFD on different geometries. Although the ASME specifically requires documented evidence of the coverage achieved, common practice is that at best a table is included in the procedure indicating the setups for the different weld geometries involved.

Information on Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Cases and how to submit requests for Code Cases. Dec 13, 2009 A.S.M.E code case 2235-9. // le/aipnd20 09/files/o rig/77.pdf. Maybe same for CC 2235 and ASME VIII Divs 1 and 2? Procedural Assistance Working Within ASME Code Case 2235-9. Get Citation. Procedural Assistance Working Within ASME Code Case.

To produce a documented examination strategy showing component coverage is cumbersome without software aids. Even with software tools such as professional drawing packages, producing such scan plans is not a simple task if many different geometries are involved.

Sonovation felt there was a need to assist industry in simplifying this requirement by producing a simple to use software program that will assist in visualizing the coverage achieved for any setup. This paper will describe the logic behind this software package and demonstrate how it can assist companies in not only preparing procedures in accordance with ASME Rules but acting as a validation tool then on to its use within organisations QA and Data Base systems.Copyright © 2009 by ASME. Svp scanner software.

Asme Code Case 2235


Asme Code Case 2211

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