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Successfully transferring an image using WinHIIP 1.3.7 for the first time. A few notes: This tutorial assumes that you know nothing and are scared, that's ok, it's what I'm here for. This tutorial also assumes that you are new to the black magic that is WinHIIP, so it is explained, in detail, how to use it.

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Transfer Os To Hdd

  • Backing up PS2 save files on storage. Is now an option to copy the hard drive files back. Card Adapter and i can transfer my ps2 game save files into my.
  • Jun 13, 2008 How to transfer files to a PS2's Hard Drive without taking it out. Transfer them again to the PS2's hard drive. Files to a PS2.

Transferring from PC to PS2 HDD, help. Discussion in 'PS2. You could put the harddrive in your PC and use WinHIIP to transfer the file locally.


While the device used in this tutorial is actually the enclosure for what was originally an External USB HDD, the tutorial holds the same for actual enclosures. On the left: the organ, fresh from the donor, on the right: The recipiant, in dire need of it's transplant: 2. As the HDD unfortunately only has one input, the Broadband Adaptor which loves it so must be removed: 3. Now that you have just the HDD sitting alone, attach it to the external enclosure's IDE and Molex Power connectors: 4. As stated before, the enclosure used in this tutorial is actually from an external hdd, my hdd doesn't fit inside of it, therefore, I must rest it on top, depending on the hdd you have in your PlayStation 2, this may also be the case: 5. If everything else has gone without incident, it is time to plug your external enclosure in and turn it on: Soon you should hear that familiar ding sound, which lets you know that Windows has detected a connected peripheral. As this is the first time you have connected your HDD using an external enclosure, Windows will install the drivers for the HDD model in question.

Now that your hdd is installed, open WinHIIP, and make sure that it can both detect the HDD and read from it. If it cannot detect it, then you may have an error in one of your previous steps, and you need to power down the external enclosure and recheck your work.

It's now time to upload that image in record times!: Today, we will be uploading Beatmania IIDX 9th Style, which is a 4 GB NSTCJ(60hz) Japanese PlayStation 2 game. Our transfer is 50% done at this point, this step will take about 5-7 minutes using USB 2.0: Now that our transfer is done, you can see our freshly uploaded image in WinHIIP's index: 8. Now that we are finished with the transfer, it is now time to power down the external enclosure, unplug the HDD, and reconnect it to the Broadband Adaptor: 9. Now reattach your Broadband Adaptor and HDD to your PlayStation 2: 10. We're on the home stretch, start your PS2 and run HDLoader/Advance/ToxicOS: You should see your image in the game select box, if not, something unknown may have gone wrong, and you may need to backtrack.

Transfer Files To Ps2 Memory Card

Transfer to new hdd

At this point, if all has gone well, and I will assume it has, as you had a master instructor such as me to guide you, it is finally time to start the game! Load the game, and if all has gone well, it should be playing as normal: It brings tears to my eyes to see you graduate, but we all must grow up some day, and you now have images to play on your PlayStation 2's HDD, and many more to transfer to it now!:') Enjoy your game!

Tutorial brought to you.

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