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The Mask Of Zorro Script taken from a transcript of the screenplay and/or the Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones movie. Legend Of Zorro, The (2005) Movie Script. Read the Legend Of Zorro, The full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV. THE MASK OF ZORRO screenplay by Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio. Here's our screenplay to THE MASK OF ZORRO. You'll find special 'Making of' details in.

Brother Ignacio? What are you doing? Five rings, padre. To summon Zorro in case there's trouble. If I know Zorro, he's already here. Aren't you supposed to be in school?

Padre, what if Zorro comes? I'll make sure he carves a Z on your backside. How's that sound? A landslide in favor of statehood.

Let's hope the rest of California voted the same, huh? Take this to the governor. Hermano, be careful. Our future's in your hands. I pray that the other provinces have been as peaceful as ours. The latest model in heavy artillery, the Henry repeater.

If God didn't hurl lightning, he'd surely carry one of these. State your business, McGivens. I haven't voted yet. I'm sorry, you're too late. The polls have already closed.

Now, that doesn't seem equitable. I have rights too.

Now, if you'd be kind enough, hand me that box, I'll be on my way. You'd only force the people to vote again. Well, you remember that Babylon was condemned to ashes for extending its empire to inferior races!

I come to deliver the Lord's work against this vote. Time to do the Lord's work. Get out of the way! Get out of the way!


Over the hill to the governor's mansion. I said, over the hill to the governor's mansion! We really have to work on your English. What happened? Where are my men?

They were held up, governor. I offered my help. Citizens of San Mateo! Today we have voted to join the Union as a free state! But this is only the beginning. In three months every vote of every pueblo around California will be counted! And it is my hope that we will finally call ourselves Americans!

Your saddle is getting a little too tight, amigo. Tell me we won. Tell me we are free. To statehood. I wish I was there today.

I cannot believe it. We have our lives back. Now we can take Joaquin to a trip to Spain. I cannot imagine how it has changed. And New York. You should see New York, Alejandro. It's as if the whole world has moved onto one tiny island.

Elena, I've been thinking and. Never a good sign. Listen, California won't really be a state for another three months. The federal marshals may need help keeping things under control until then. Look, I know what you're thinking. Elena, listen, listen.

No, here is me, here is quitting. We're this far apart. I cannot believe it. I cannot believe I fell for it. Husband promises to quit, gullible wife believes him. How could I be so stupid? Oh, Elena, you're overreacting.

I'm overreacting? You made a promise. We made a promise. You are missing your son's entire life. I am not missing anything.

Oh, really? What is his teacher's name? That's an easy one. So I have a bad memory. What does that prove? That you do not know your own son. And even worse, he does not know you.

What would you rather have me do? Live my life as a wealthy don?

Order servants around all day? Is that what you think I do, huh? Order servants around all day?

No, no, don't twist my words. People still need Zorro. You need Zorro. Look me in the eyes and tell me that is not true. You remember what you said the day Joaquin was born?

'My family is my life.' Do you know how lucky you are to have made it this far? That your enemies have not discovered who we are? For 10 years, you have fought to give California its freedom. Why can't you give us ours?

They are calling you. It's who I am, Elena. It's who I am. What happened to the man I married? What happened to the woman who used to fight by my side?

She had a son. So he'll grow up to be a nice little aristocrat who has no idea where he came from and doesn't care about anyone but himself. If you walk out that door, you are not sleeping here tonight. Maybe I'll just take my suitcase.

I hope you and Tornado are very happy together. I spy with my little eye something beginning with H. Why wasn't Papi at breakfast? He left early on business.

He always goes on business. Yes, he does.

What exactly does he do? Well, he is a don. And he meets with other dons and they discuss land and investments and it's all very important work. So he sits around with friends counting money.

You should not be so hard on your father. You are more like him than you think. We can talk more about this later, all right? The real question, Senora de la Vega, is who are you?

The devoted wife of a wealthy don? Or an independent woman held captive by her husband's secrets? What do you want? I tell you, de la Vega, women say they want one thing but what they really want is everything else. Think of this as a vacation from the shackles of matrimony.

Isn't it possible our wives marry us because they want to spend some time with their husbands? So let me understand this. If I take your advice I can look forward to spending my days pruning in a tub of naked men? Thanks for the advice. Where are you going?

To beg Elena's forgiveness. Might one of you be Don Alejandro de la Vega? Phineas Gendler, attorney at law. I'm here on behalf of your wife. If you should have any questions, my address is on the letterhead.

Good day, sir. I'm sorry, senor. But you told me to make sure you didn't sleep past 2 today. What's today? I have to pick up Joaquin.

What happened to my clothes? I removed them last night so you wouldn't catch pneumonia. You removed them? After you came back from the cantina, you went for a swim. In my clothes? - This hotel doesn't have a pool. We have a fountain.

Well, thank you, Lupe. Perhaps you just can turn around, eh? I'll see you at confession, my child.

Don't look at me like that. I know what you're gonna say. No, I came here to lift your spirits, not to dampen them. Who said my spirit needed lifting?

Alejandro, you are being a pig-headed fool. Why don't you just tell Elena you were wrong. She's the one who wanted me to live a lie. To stop being myself.

As if California could live without me. I haven't had to ring that bell in three months. You should be rejoicing.

I am rejoicing! You cannot rot in this room forever. A vineyard is opening tonight. You're coming to the party with me.

My whole life is a party. Thank you, no. Be at the lobby at 8. And don't bother coming to confession, because I'll never forgive you.

You'd blackmail my soul, eh? Now would anyone else like to interrupt my lecture by asking to go to the bathroom?

Who can tell me what this word means? Joaquin de la Vega! Perhaps you can tell the class what statehood means to you. No more exploitation of the peasants by the rich who oppress us with a flaming poker of injustice. And how exactly does a flaming poker fit into your little theory? It fits in your butt. Now I will give you something to laugh about.

Get back inside! So, what's with you, huh? You're lucky Father Quintero didn't throw you out for good. Stop making excuses.

Why do you keep picking fights? You don't understand. Sometimes you have to fight. Listen, if Zorro were here, he'd tell you fighting isn't always the answer. How do you know what he'd say?

Trust me, I know him a lot better than you think. No, you don't. You never been in a fight in your life. You didn't even fight to keep Mom. I am your father, little man.

Don't talk to me like that. There's nothing on earth I wouldn't do for you or your mother. Don Alejandro. Don Alejandro. Look at little Jos. He's as ugly as his mother. Look at Joaquin.

You're growing up so fast. If business keeps up, we'll be able to pay you back sooner than we thought. I told you, it was a gift. To celebrate your son's birth. That knife is only 2 dollars. Well, I'll give you 500 for it.

And for that, I'll take the deed to your rancho, with the Lord's gratitude. We've already told you, we'll never sell. Family man like you might wanna keep his woman on a shorter leash. They said they are not selling, sir. Have we met before, sir? I would remember a man with wooden teeth.

The Mask Of Zorro Soundtrack

And I'd remember a Mex-breed dressed like a white man. You think your pappy's gonna crow, little man? Or is he gonna cluck? Leave him out of. Senor, as a gentleman, I am obliged to teach my son to turn the o. You mean that cheek?

Is everything all right, boys? Respects to you, officer. Respects, respects. Think about my offer, or I'll be obliged to do the Lord's work.

Ten minutes, then I'm going. Effervescent, yet tenacious. I thought you were forbidden to drink. I need at least one vice to keep in touch with sinners. Who owns this vineyard anyway? A count recently in from France.

I'm told he purchased it from Don Gallo's widow. French count, you say?

He's probably still in his parlor putting on makeup. Or his perfume, perhaps.

Rumor has it they invented it to avoid bathing. Alejandro de la Vega. You're de la Vega. What an honor.

The Mask Of Zorro Trailer

I've heard so much about you. You know, I'd love to continue this conversation but I'm wanted elsewhere. Please excuse me. I just met the most charming fellow.

And who might that be? Ladies and gentlemen! I still don't know why they call it a winetasting. After two glasses you can't taste anything. Friends, Californians. This vineyard represents what I hope will become an industry that depends on the people for its success.

Involving them instead of exploiting them. That's what America means to me. The promise of a country by the people, for the people! A country blessed with limitless beauty. But none more stunning than my escort for the evening.

Ladies and gentlemen Senora Elena de la Vega! Well, I'm pooped. Come on, let's go. I don't wanna go. I'm having so much fun. Monsieur and Madame Lupon. Pleasure, madame.

Very nice to meet you. De la Vega.

You know each other? We shared a giggle at the buffet table. It seems that's not all we have shared.

Allow me to defuse an awkward situation. Elena has portrayed you as a man of impeccable character. I am honored to be mentioned at all.

Why, I nearly forgot we were still married only three months ago. A blessing on your vineyard, count. Thank you for inviting us, but we have a Mass. Don't be rude, Felipe.

I'm just dying to know how the lovebirds met. Another time. We have many guests to greet.

Armand, good evening. Governor Riley. You honor us with your presence. May I present my wife, Mary.

Your speech was incredibly moving, count. I'm glad you're not running for office against my husband. I wouldn't challenge the man who's going to lead California into the Union. I fear there may not be much of a Union left to join, governor. Everyone, may I introduce Colonel R.S. Beauregard, of the 1 st Alabama Infantry.

What brings you here, colonel? The threat of civil war, my dear. Once California joins the Union, the Confederate states'll be outnumbered. My countrymen find that troubling. All this talk of politics, you know how it bores me, Armand. Shall we dance? Excuse us, gentlemen.

Ladies and gentlemen, the imperial quadrille. Perhaps you shouldn't drink on an empty stomach.

Perhaps you should wear lipstick if you're gonna act like my mother. Say the word and I'll escort you home. And leave your guests? - In a heartbeat. I care for you too much to subject you to an evening of forced smiles, Elena. You are the one not acting like yourself. Since when do politics bore you?

Since when did you start caring what I think? If you wish, I'll have him escorted out. I can handle him. For the love of God, let's get out of this place.

I can handle her! You must tell me how you met. Years ago, in Spain. We were at finishing school together.

Oh, how nice. You were reunited so he could finish. Don't force me to embarrass you.

Sorry, too late! So tell me, count, what does your title rank among noblemen? It is higher than, say, a duke? Oh, it's rather common, actually. Much like a don.

Oh, he's a delight. Rich, good-looking and royalty. Is there anything I can say to make you leave?

You can fall to your knees and beg me to take you back. I would not want to ruin my dress. I'm enjoying single life. Is that supposed to make me jealous?

Who's looking after Joaquin while his mother spends her nights out? I have not spent my nights out.

I haven't even told Joaquin! Now, I think you should go! I finally understand why you left me. It was beneath you to marry a peasant like me.

You're drunk. Your stepfather would be so proud to see you take your rightful place on the arms of royalty! - Keep your voice down!

- Congratulations, Your Highness! If you didn't know me better than that, then you never knew me at all.

Thank you for your hospitality, count. Could you give me that back?

You had enough. Aren't you forgetting something, estpido?! Count Armand with his fancy wine and the froufrou accent. How could Elena choose a man like that? I'll make her want me back so badly, she will be weeping with desire.

Nobody leaves my tequila worm dangling in the wind! God bless you, senor. How kind of you. I was trying to impress you. If you truly want to impress me, invite me over for dinner tonight. Cook me something sinful.

Why not dine at your hacienda? I'd really like to meet your son. Please try and understand, Armand. He's not ready for another man in my life just yet.

I understand. Oh, this hat. It's breathtaking. Shall I purchase it for you? On second thought, who needs another hat? What I need is a pipe!

Like my father used to smoke. I hope I do not repulse you with my unladylike habit. On the contrary, you fascinate me. Oh, there's a vendor. Wait here, won't you? What are you doing here? When did you start smoking a pipe?

I don't smoke. I said that to get rid of him so I can get rid of you. I have to talk to you about last night. I forgive you. No, no, no, not that. I saw something in the forest. What are you talking about?

Yes, what are you talking about? An explosion. Close to your chateau, in fact. Like nothing I have ever seen.

I simply wanted to make sure you were both safe. As much as you had to drink last night, I'm sure your vision was impaired. Yet somehow it's all becoming clear. A word of advice, de la Vega: If you have any respect for the relationship you shared with Elena let it die with dignity. I have to know I am losing her to a better man.

I can assure you of that. All right, that is enough.

Alejandro, time to go. Elena, please. Alejandro has come for peace of mind. I am obliged to give it to him. Perhaps we can settle this like gentlemen.

You do play polo, I take it? Doesn't everyone? I suggest we play as they do in Slovenia. A fine city. May I offer you something to drink?

- Double tequila, no salt. Perhaps a game of croquet would be less hazardous to your health. Did you drop something? Or you just resting? You know, I think I like this game. Promise me when you lose you will leave us alone. What makes you think I will lose?

Woman's intuition. To the victor go the spoils. Now keep your promise and go. You cheated, so I take it back.

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Goodbye, Alejandro. What do you really know about this man? We were never meant to be together.

You don't love him. After 10 years of marriage, you cannot hide the truth from me.

De la Cruz is the bartender who works at the saloon across the street. He says he overheard McGivens gathering his men to go see Cortez. Your father asked me to pick.

The deed, if you please. Bring it here. No, Guillermo, don't! Please, senor. This land is all we have. And the Lord shall expel them before you and ye shall possess their land!

Salvation damnation. Got one thing in common. You gotta die to find either one. Drop your guns. Guillermo, Blanca, get in the house. You are one blind Mexican.

You don't know what you're getting yourself into. Neither do you. Let's move! Don't let them hurt you. Break it down! Guillermo, please talk to me. What are you trying to tell me, huh?

No matter what choice I make, it's always the wrong one! I have failed everyone I ever loved. My wife, my son and now the people too! What do you want from me?! I have always listened to my heart. And it speaks to me now of a great darkness. I fear Guillermo Cortez was only the beginning and that Elena is in great danger too.

So I beg you give me the courage, the strength to wear the mask a little longer. Allow Zorro one last ride. She's going to the vineyard. We can post men near the gate in case we have to pull her out. If she's compromised, she's of no further use. Consider her an acceptable loss.

Master, a word? Please, excuse me a moment. The shipment arrives at Maderas Cove. The carving is beautiful. And what is through that door? Private chapel. Piety is a long-standing tradition in my family.

I'd show it to you, but dinner's waiting. That was absolutely delicious. Oh, no, I'm sorry, Marie, I do not smoke. Unless it is my pipe, of course. Oh, you remembered. How thoughtful.

But I think I should let my stomach settle first. I want to ask you something. Something I should've asked you many years ago. Before you do, my love, answer me one question.

Whatever your heart desires. Where is the bathroom? I would like to powder my cheeks.

Down the hall. Excuse me, sir. A gentleman is here to see you.

He says it's important. He's building a track to the vineyard.

I presume you have the deed since you deemed it necessary to interrupt my dinner. But it seems we have a fly in the ointment. Or should I say a fox. I've heard the name among the locals. He's a peasant masquerading as a folk hero. Men like that usually find their way to the guillotine.

I've been informed one of my shipping vessels is arriving tomorrow. They'll anchor off Maderas Cove. The cargo must be brought here safely. I want no mistakes. Now that we have the deed, will the track be completed on time?

Lt'll take my boys two days to cover the quarter mile. I'll hold you to that, Mr. Otherwise you get nothing. Listen to me, you backwards-ass frog you hedge on my money, you won't ever see me co.

This dagger, Mr. McGivens Jake has been in my family for generations.

If you ever talk to me like that again I will cut out your tongue and I'll feed it to my dogs. Your men have two days, Mr. McGivens then the future begins. I trust you can find your own way out.

'Orbis unum.' For God's sake, why can't you leave me alone? Elena, I was right. Armand is not who you think he is. You have no idea who I think he is.

I think I know. No, because you do not think. Get out before somebody sees you. Elena, listen to me. Guillermo Cortez is dead. Armand needed his land to build a railroad. He's planning something.

How do you know this? I won't tell you what I know until you tell me what you know. If you wanna know, I need to know why you are living in sin with an evil count! There you are.

Forgive me, Armand. I just had the sudden urge to step out for a puff. Are you all right? My God, you're turning green. It's just your presence takes my breath away.

Good, because I have a little something for you. A customary Spanish offering for when a man asks a woman for her hand in marriage. Let me do this on one knee so I can look up into your eyes. Oh, no, don't look up. Is that a yes? It's a definite maybe. I know it's sudden, given what you've just been through but I want to give you everything your former husband couldn't.

The Mask Of Zorro Script Pdf

You don't have to answer now but whatever you decide, the necklace is yours. But I have to go. I must put Joaquin to bed. Your children require attention. Welcome, children, to Bear Point.

It was on this desolate spot that our state flag was raised for the first time. Tomorrow our governor will be hosting a celebration here to honor California's statehood. Joaquin de la Vega!

Are you paying attention? Take out your notebooks. Scorcher of a day, ain't it, kids? Is there something I can help you with, senor? Don't let me interrupt the lesson, Father.

I'm just on my way to do the Lord's work. Mount up, boys. Grab that there, will you?

Let's get to work, boys. What are you doing here? Looking at two of the ugliest guys I've ever seen.

Do you want a piece of me? I can't believe it's you. You're really Zorro. And that's Tornado, right? I mean, whoa. It's just a scratch. So you gonna say something or what?

Let's speak in Spanish, the language of our fathers. My mother won't believe this! No, it would be better if you didn't tell your mother about this.

I'm the one asking the questions. Now, why aren't you in school? The man with the scar on his face. I knew he was up to something. You really showed that son of a bitch. Watch your mouth. Those men are killers.

Whatever they had in those crates was very dangerous and now I don't know what it was, as I was too busy getting you out of trouble. You mean this? That's all there was? Lots and lots of it. Are you sure?

Would I lie to you? Spanish, nino, Spanish, and this isn't a game. Your father would have a heart attack if he knew what you did. No, he wouldn't, he doesn't care. Yesterday he forgot about me. No, I don't think he forgot.

What you have to understand is. Your father should have been there. Next time he will be. How do you know?

A serpent circling the globe. Are you sure that this is the symbol you saw on the crate? 'Orbis unum.'

It means 'one world.' It represents the Knights of Aragon an ancient brotherhood that ruled Europe in secrecy after the Crusades. Wait, wait, wait.

Armand is a knight? Some believe they are the masters behind all the kings in Europe even today. Here is a prophecy they wrote nearly 1000 years ago.

'There shall be a land in the west of great power that shall rise to threaten the serpent. Only by turning the power onto itself shall the serpent survive.' A land in the west. They want to destroy it. With the soap?

- With the soap? I had a wonderful time. Unfortunate that it has to end.

Some colleagues of mine are arriving from Europe this evening. The meeting may run late.

Perhaps we could meet for breakfast? I cannot wait that long. I want to be your wife, Armand. If I am going to be the lady of the house I want to start making myself at home.

I suppose we could have a late supper. I will wait for you after your meeting. Then perhaps I can stay. Hotel Vista Grande. I'm Agent Pike. This is Agent Harrigan.

We're the Pinkertons. Operatives of the United States government. So you are the good guys? We live in perilous times, Mr. America's gates have been thrown wide open to people from foreign lands. Which is why, on occasion, we require certain individuals to aid in our country's defense. People like your ex-wife.

Works for you? Until California's statehood becomes official we don't have jurisdiction to serve Armand with a search warrant. So we needed someone who could gain his trust. And who more suited to the task than the woman he never forgot? Before he arrived, we intercepted a telegram he'd dispatched to his associates throughout Europe. In that telegram, he claimed to be on the verge of producing a new weapon with a single target in mind. The United States of America.

What kind of weapon could do that? Your ex-wife may be on the verge to answer that question. And every time you interfere, you jeopardize her cover. The divorce was your idea, wasn't it? You blackmailed Elena to lure in the count.

We prefer to think of it as a mutual understanding. She agrees to help us and we promise to keep the name of Zorro secret from his enemies. A name you share with your wife and son. I know something that might help you. I will send you both to hell for this! Our country must be protected, de la Vega, without apology.

Zorro is a relic of the past. This belongs in a museum. Soon we will both be free. Bonsoir, Marie. Armand is expecting me. You are early, madame.

The count is still indisposed. Well, perhaps I can wait in the parlor. Thank you so much, Marie. What are you doing in a bar? - What are you doing in jail?

- I asked you first. I went looking everywhere for you. It's about Mom. Is she okay? I mean, yes, but no. A man came to the house. He asked her to marry him.

She said yes. I know you still love her. You said you'd do anything for her. You can't be in jail! How can you be in jail?! You gotta stop her.

Joaquin, listen to me. Help me out of here, and I'll get your mother back. We'll be a family again. You are a genius, a genius. But I don't want to catch you breaking anyone out of jail again.

Without my permission, I mean. Or I break the kid's neck!

I'm too young to die! I got my whole life ahead of me! Where did you learn to do that?

Prison changes a man, son. Listen, Joaquin. I have to go alone. I just got you out of jail! What if he puts up a fight?

I'm not going there to fight. I am going to reason with him. You can't reason with him. Joaquin, the world is a little more complicated than you think. No, it isn't. There's right and wrong.

I don't have the time to argue with you. Come, Joaquincito. You don't deserve Mom. We're to stay put. Armand went through there.


We have to hurry. I know about the Pinkertons. It doesn't matter.

They told me everything. It's all right, I forgive you.

You forgive me? I forgive you. Everything you put me through. I would not be in this mess if you had kept your mask on.

Then why are you still wearing his necklace? I'm undercover. Besides, these are pearls.

You never gave me pearls. You said you didn't care about that. Every woman loves pearls. Well, now you have them, princess. When I said that we were never meant to be together, I meant it.

Finally we agree on something. This changes nothing. Absolutely not. Fellow Knights of Aragon soon the power of the United States will be so great it will overshadow us.

But America has one weakness: Lts people. They are divided by North and South. A civil war is inevitable. The only question is, who will claim victory? We will determine the outcome with this: An average bar of soap. Quite harmless in its current form. But science has shown us how to extract the glycerin and transform it into a compound than gunpowder.

For months, this vineyard has been a cover for its manufacture. Tomorrow, a shipment of nitro will depart by train. It will be met at the state line by Colonel Beauregard who will take possession of the shipment and distribute it throughout the Confederate Army. As we speak they're preparing to launch a preemptive strike against Washington forever tearing this country apart. Gentlemen, the Knights of Aragon will soon be restored to our former glory as we stand in shadow and watch America destroy itself!

I've heard enough. Brothers, you know my spirit is with you. But we risk antagonizing a sleeping giant if we fail. I'll see myself out. Lord Dillingham.

Would a demonstration put your mind at ease? Unless you come to confess you have no business here, McGivens. Funny you should mention confession, padre seeing that you're obliged to keep the secrets of your flock. Joaquincito, go back inside! You know, Zorro could be anyone at all.

Come on, now. We're both men of God. You can tell me. Lord hates a liar.

All right, I'll tell you. You killed Felipe! Gentlemen the future. This facility will provide a continuous supply of nitro to the Southern battlefront. I'll be returning to Europe shortly but Ferroq will remain to oversee the operation. The nitro has been concealed in these bottles to circumvent any prying Northern patrol.

An urgent matter requires your attention at the hacienda. He's going back to the hacienda. I have to get back before he does. I'll keep the train from leaving. My goodness, I must have dozed off and your dogs startled me.

Perhaps they thought you were someone you're not. I'm told you arrived early. I could not wait.

I'm having a special meal prepared. I hope you're hungry.

I'm famished. Thank you, Marie. You are not hungry? Tasty, is it?

It's unusual. As you said, Elena we see the people we love as we wish them to be not as who they really are. Did you actually think that I would be swept off my feet by a sadistic coward like you?

I thought you were a woman of vision. I could barely stomach the sight of you, Armand. The only way I could bear your touch was to imagine you were Alejandro. Your stepfather would be ashamed.

You've become nothing more than a common woman devoted to a common man. I take that as a compliment. Padre's dead and the kid's a witness. We'll need the next batch of it. Put some more here now.

We'll rendezvous at Clanton's Pass. You and your men can assume control of the train there. If you please. Remove his mask. You've lost it all. And for what?

No matter where you go, Armand whatever you do the world isn't big enough to hide from me. Goodbye, de la Vega. Not in front of Joaquin. As soon as we're gone. My family is my life.

Shame about your friend the padre. But he died with God's name on his lips and a bullet in his heart. And now I send you out, a sheep amongst wolves. Thank God you're alive. I already did. Listen, go to the marshal's office and tell them what Armand is doing here. Where are you going?

To catch a train. Can I get you something to drink?

Understand something: You can lock me in a tower forever and I will never stop hating you. You may feel differently when you see how Joaquin enjoys the life of an aristocrat. I can't wait till my papi kicks your. Zorro, Zorro!

Don't touch him! Let's see how much your father truly loves you. Joaquin, quick. Keep going. What are you doing? When the car stops, get off and follow the tracks back to town.

You are the son of Zorro. You can do it. How did you get in here? So the devil will know who sent you. The drinks are on me. My fellow Californians we have gathered here at historic Bear Point to make official our entrance into the United States of America!

Welcome to the Union, governor. A real heartbreaker, huh? Why didn't you tell me who you are?

Joaquin when you were born, I vowed I would give my life to keep you safe. I thought I could protect you by hiding the truth.

But your mother was right. It wasn't my secret to keep. It belongs to all of us. So I promise I will never lie to you again. I bless these rings in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Elena receive this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity.

Alejandro receive this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity. Today you join in the fullness of time for all eternity. Yea, seeketh tolerance when easily provoked. Love endureth, for it keeps no score of wrongs. Love bears all things and believes all things. Love endures day by day hour by hour minute by minute. Love is patient.

Can you hurry it up a little? The people are calling. It's who we are.

Do you want her back? - Of course I do. And you take him?

You may now kiss the bride. Don't wait up.

Zorro Stage Plays Zorro Productions has licensed over 65 comedies, dramas, children's plays, ballets, musicals and more. Below are eleven of our favorite productions, currently available for licensing. For Licensing Opportunities, Please For information on Zorro: The Musical with a score by the Gipsy Kings, click VISIBLE FICTIONS: ZORRO Written by Davey Anderson Directed by Douglas Irvine A mysterious figure has arrived in town. A flurry of a cape, the glint of a sword and a flash of a mask; who is this baffling character? Exciting friend or formidable foe? If you are looking for some swash buckling fun, come and lock swords with Zorro. Watch as our masked champion ricochets from one sticky situation to another in a world where adventure is the name and justice is the game!

Watch out for ‘Z’s scratched into the dust, it might mark the start of a thrilling escapade. For all intrepid adventurers! CULTURE CLASH’S ZORRO IN HELL The Latino comedy trio ‘s premiere of Zorro in Hell at Berkeley Repertory Theatre during March and April 2006 garnered rave reviews.

The show moved to La Jolla Playhouse from September 30th through October 29, 2006 creating guffaws and more triumphant reviews. This set the stage for a commercial run at The Ricardo Montalban Theater during the summer of 2007, from July 11 to Sept 15, 2008.

Once again, critics lauded the show and audiences doubled over with laughter. Culture Clash is the country’s leading Chicano/Latino theatre and comedy troupe.

Originally commissioned and produced by, the, and Zorro Productions, Inc., the comedic trio takes on the iconic hero, El Zorro, the fox, viewed through their lens as social satirists. California was born from a clash of cultures and now, Culture Clash explodes the romantic myths surrounding its creation. Employing their usual irreverence, the trio takes on this legend to explore contemporary questions of homeland security in the Wild West when Anglo-Americans struggled with such issues as Mexican immigration, Indian gambling and a governor born on foreign soil. At long last, it’s a Latin look behind the mask of this mainstream icon created by an Irish American. Zorro rides out of the pages of pulp fiction, through the Hollywood image machine and beyond the barriers of class, race and ethnicity to become a hero for the oppressed in every land.

Both history and histrionics play a role when Zorro is unsheathed! BALLET FANTASTIQUE’S ZORRO From the daredevil imaginations of acclaimed producer-choreographers Donna Marisa and Hannah Bontrager comes ZORRO ® The Ballet, re-telling the famed legend of the masked Diego de la Vega, better known as “El Zorro” (“The Fox”). ZORRO’s ® swashbuckling setting—with its great rivals from worlds of privilege—sets the stage for the choreographers’ mischievous exploration of the hero’s complexities. There is Diego, lover of peace and wisdom, as well as Zorro, force of change, clever trickster, famous lover. And of course, ZORRO ® features Ballet Fantastique’s trademark live original music, with gypsy-inspired music by the LA-based Latin fusion band Incendio and virtuoso violinist-composer Kim Angelis. MICHAEL SMUIN’S ZORRO has been a vital force in dance since becoming a Principal Dancer and choreographer with San Francisco Ballet. He has danced on Broadway, toured internationally and appeared on television and in film.

He served as Principal Dancer and Resident Choreographer for American Ballet Theatre before directing the San Francisco Ballet from 1973-85. Michael was instrumental in raising the company’s profile in the international arts community, including staging a performance at the White House and many “Dance in America” programs on PBS. Among his many awards in dance, Michael has been honored with a Tony for his work on Broadway on Anything Goes. His film credits are extensive and his television work has received Emmys for Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest, and A Song for Dead Warriors. Smuin’s ballets are currently in the repertories of major dance companies around the country. Composer Charles Fox has created an engaging score for the new Zorro ballet which will be recorded in Prague.

Zorro Mask Pattern

A prolific and versatile composer, his work includes scores to over 50 television films and motions pictures, including his first film, Goodbye Columbus. The ballet score for A Song for Dead Warriors, commissioned by the San Francisco Ballet, was the first collaboration between Charles and Michael. Charles received the BMI Richard Kirk Award for outstanding life achievement and an Emmy in 1973 for his score to the television film Love, American Style, a Grammy for the international hit Killing me Softly With His Song, among numerous other awards and nominations. The Zorro libretto is a first for writer/director Matthew Robbins who has had a long career in film as writer, conceptualizer, and director for such films as Batteries Not Included, Dragonslayer, The Legend of Billie Jean, The Sugarland Express, and most recently, Mimic.

He frequently directs commercials for George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic. JANET ALLARD AND ELEANOR HOLDRIDGE’S ZORRO Allard and Holdridge’s production of Zorro was performed at Washington DC’s Constellation Theater in 2013. The Washington Post said of it, “Constellation augments its classical thrust in a thoughtful way with ‘Zorro,’ which continues the company’s laudable efforts at delivering intimate theater with high standards for design.” LIFEHOUSE THEATER’S ZORRO Zorro is written and scored by award-winning playwright, composer and director Wayne Scott. It opened in Lifehouse Theater, a Redlands, CA-based company in 2009.

THE LEGEND OF ZORRO BY MICHAEL HARRIS Michael Harris’ traditional telling of the Zorro story includes optional magic tricks, and its large cast size makes it ideal for a high school or elementary school production. BIRMINGHAM CHILDREN’S THEATER’S ZORRO! A play based on the 1919 novella “The Curse of Capistrano” by Johnston McCulley, Zorro! Took the stage at in October, 2010. Concentrating on Culture and History, your senses will be bombarded and delighted as you are immersed in exciting Hispanic music, dance, costumes and, of course, impressive action scenes with the “Fox” himself, Zorro! Lesson plans focusing on Hispanic culture and the history of settling the Missions of California will heighten the stage experience. ERIK NORBERG’S ZORRO Erik Norberg’s Swedish-language production is exciting, thought provoking and entertaining.

RIVERSIDE LIGHT OPERA’S ZORRO Rhine and Henson’s action-packed script will leave the whole family entertained. BERNARDO SOLANO’S ZORRO This quirky, modern-day Zorro has off-beat jokes and characters, making it perfect for a college or black-box production. “New take cuts a swash worth its buckle” (Denver Post). For Licensing Opportunities, Please.

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