Synthogy Ivory Steinway Grand Piano Vst

Synthogy Ivory £189 pros. Best grand piano sound yet for the Mac. Works under OS 9 and OS X, with Logic, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, and Cubase or Nuendo. Scaleable, depending on the power and memory you have available. Forgiving response when using it with insufficient memory. Incredible value for money. Cons.

Ivory Ii Grand Pianos


Slight issues with noise on sustained high notes in exposed passages. No PC version yet (although one is apparently on the way). Summary The best virtual pianos for the Mac yet, at an extremely reasonable price and smartly programmed so that it can be used by all recent Mac owners. All contents copyright © SOS Publications Group and/or its licensors, 1985-2018. All rights reserved.

Ivory Grand Pianos by Synthogy (@KVRAudio Product Listing): Ivory II Grand Pianos combines world-class piano samples with a powerful software/DSP engine and custom. Ivory II Grand Pianos; Ivory II. The extraordinary Italian 10 Foot Concert Grand Piano with Synthogy's highly acclaimed and. Vintage 1951 Steinway.

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We are an affiliate of Faust Harrison Pianos, the NY-Area`s leading piano dealer and exclusive retailer for Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Mason & Hamlin and Fazioli pianos, with piano stores in Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island and Connecticut. We are America’s Largest Independent Steinway Rebuilder. We have rebuilt thousands of Steinway pianos. Our modernized 15,000 sq. Factory of Steinway pianos in NYC is home to our expert craftsmen who apply the most advanced techniques and materials to their trade.


We bring worn “Golden Era” Steinway pianos back to their full former glory, to a level of musical and artistic beauty that was for many years the piano standard of the world. For 35 years, restoring thousands of Steinways in New York City, we have developed proprietary techniques, built specialized equipment, mastered every facet of piano design and mechanics, and hired and trained the most talented craftsmen and technicians in the industry. This is what it takes to produce the type of rebuilt Steinway piano that only we can produce. And the efficiencies achieved through our higher volumes and refined manufacturing processes enable us to charge very competitive prices.

Ivory Vst

Our Steinway pianos are priced from around $10,000 for Steinway upright pianos, to $80,000 or more for Steinway concert grand pianos. Representative prices of our fully restored Steinway pianos are: Steinway M $45,000; Steinway L $55,000; Steinway A $65,000 and; Steinway B $75,000.

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