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Swiss Mgr - CellPhoneSoft CellPhoneSoft (CPS) produce utility software for smartphones by Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson, running on Symbian S60 and UIQ. Trials for all our mobile software are available for free download. Site translation Products Swiss Mgr Recommended: Swiss Manager 3.50 Product: Swiss Manager Elite UIQ3 Version: 2.10 Genre: System utility Documentation:, Availability: Price: 14.95 USD, free trial available Languages: Compatible: Synopsis: Swiss Manager is a composite system utility, providing task management, file navigation, and system information services, all in one application.

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Swiss Manager Elite is the successor of the famous Swiss Manager Pro ('SMP'), the award-winning software by CellPhoneSoft, which has been considered as an essential addition to all UIQ3 devices. The Elite version implements major new functionality, while preserving the proven appearance and base feature set. Intended for power-users, Swiss Manager includes all features giving total control of your UIQ phone. Powerful and well integrated, this application is a great complement to default phone management tools.

Swiss Manager is a composite system utility for UIQ3. It provides task manager, file manager and system information services, giving you more access to and more. Swiss Manager is a composite system utility for UIQ3. It provides task manager, file manager and system information services, giving you more access to and more. The Swiss Army Knife utility for UIQ 3 smartphones, known as Swiss Manager Pro, is now at version 1.70, adding some real enhancements over previous versions.

UIQ Technology Major features:. Task manager, file navigator, system information in one application. Full control over running and installed programs. Advanced memory cleanup functions to maximize free memory, both manually and automatically. File management (navigation, sorting, copy, move, delete, rename, send). Useful system information (device characteristics, system uptime, status reports, and much more).

Swiss Manager Pro

Status icon displaying time, free memory, CPU usage, battery level, and drive usage. Floating menu for instant access to all major services. NEW in Swiss Manager Elite 2.00:.

Overhauled interface with hierarchical arrangement. Full listing of running and available applications and processes. The most detailed system information on market. Dual panel file navigator providing fast and convenient file operations. Improved cleanup engine for more free memory than ever before. Fully customizable Favorite list for convenient application launch. Recent list providing automated access to the most frequently used programs.

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Key-press shortcuts for all major functions. A plethora of new services, like autostart, hot-key invoke, backlight setting, time synchronization, shortcut button configuration, phone restart, and much more. Many new options for full customization and convenient use. NEW in Swiss Manager Elite 2.10:.

ZIP file listing, viewing and copying. Improved shortcut button function. Enhanced folder information dialog. New option to disable the hot-key whenever handwriting recognition is detected. Support to launch executables from the file manager. Numerous optimizations, enhancements, and bug-fixes. Installation: Swiss Manager Elite can be installed on all UIQ3 phones manufactured by Sony Ericsson, while it is incompatible with Motorola UIQ3 phones (Z8, Z10).

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