Shin Koihime Musou Pc Game

Shin Kohime Musou is a 2D fighting game with characters from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms epic with a twist all of the male warlords are female. I played Shin Kohime Musou in an arcade and Kanu (Guan Yu) felt like my kind of character since her spear extends her reach.

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I only played a couple of matches, but I will be able to get a better feel for the fighting game soon. According to, Shin Kohime Musou will be released for PlayStation 3 on September 26. No details about the console version have been revealed other than the fact that there will be a limited edition.

Koihime Musou Pc Game Download

Whoa, this is great news! Currently immersed in playing the PC version and I am totally glad that this is getting a console version. Seemed like one of those fighters that I didn’t remotely expect to be good.

Koihime musou visual novel download

BUT I WAS TOTALLY WRONG. It is a great fighter in its own right. It’s a great game of footsies, easily comparable with SF (but doesn’t really head into the hard “link” combos too much) and probably Samurai Showdown games.

The Fatal combo system is pretty fun and allows for great creativity despite how it plays on neutral. Will get it if our local retailers import it.


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