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HAEMONETICS CORP. SEBRA SEALER 2380 AND SEBRA SEALER HEAD 1105 TUBING SEALER AND SEALER HEAD Model Number 2380/1105 Event Date Event Type Injury Event Description The nurse, while sealing a tube filled with saline solution, experienced pain while observing sparks between her forefinger and the sealing apparatus. A medical certificate from (b)(6) 2011 confirms a burn with pain diagnosis.

Manufacturer Narrative Add'l info: device manufacture date: (b)(4) 1994. The equipment was returned to haemonetics for eval on (b)(4) 2011. The sealer power supply, (b)(4) was evaluated. The sealer power supply operated correctly and no defect was found.

The hand held sealing head, (b)(4) was found to be out of specification for resistance and phase angle. The jaws were found to be dirty and the equipment required maintenance. The equipment did not operate correctly, as an electrical arc was generated during operation. The jaws, jaw holder, and magnetic switch were replaced. The sealing head was damaged due to arcing, caused by contamination of the sealing region. After service, the equipment operated correctly.

Cleaning instructions are covered in the manual as well as troubleshooting instructions for damaged jaw. Also, the manual contains a warning associated with arcing, which may lead to burns if the equipment is not cleaned and/or maintenance performed in accordance with (b)(4), manual revision (b)(4). This incident is due to failure to maintain the equipment. Brand Name SEBRA SEALER 2380 AND SEBRA SEALER HEAD 1105 Type of Device TUBING SEALER AND SEALER HEAD Manufacturer (Section D) HAEMONETICS CORP. Braintree MA 02184 Manufacturer Contact diane shay 400 wood rd.

Sebra 2380 Sealer (Blood bag, apheresis, cell wash). RF Global Solutions Ltd. 21-23 Langlands Place Kelvin South Business Park East Kilbride G750YF Scotland UK. Find best value and selection for your Sebra-Tube-Sealer-1090- search on eBay. World's leading marketplace. Product Catalog. Print; email; share; Products. Haemonetics Service Manual User's Guides, Owner's Manuals. SEBRA SEALER 2380 AND SEBRA After service, Cleaning instructions are covered in the manual as well as.

Haemonetics sebra 2380 user s manual

Sebra 2380

Braintree, MA 569727 MDR Report Key 2030904 Report Number 12-00003 Device Sequence Number 1 Product Code Report Source Manufacturer Source Type User facility Reporter Occupation Nurse Type of Report Initial Report Date 1 Device Was Involved in the Event 0 PatientS WERE Involved in the Event: Date FDA Received Is This An Adverse Event Report? No Is This A Product Problem Report? Yes Device Operator Health Professional Device MODEL Number 2380/1105 Device Catalogue Number 2380/1105 Was Device Available For Evaluation? Device Returned To Manufacturer Date Returned to Manufacturer Is The Reporter A Health Professional? Yes Date Manufacturer Received Was Device Evaluated By Manufacturer? Yes Date Device Manufactured Is The Device Single Use? No Is this a Reprocessed and Reused Single-Use Device?

Sebra 2380 Tube Sealer

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