Sarcofago Back Patch

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  1. Iron Maiden Back Patch

SARCOFAGO Big Back PatchQuality Embroidered Back PatchPatch Can Be Ironed/Smelted On Or Sewn OnSize: 10'/25.5cm x 6.2'/16cmFree Shipping! Here are the basic ins. Sarcofago Backpatch Finally I get my Sarcofago. Finally I get my Sarcofago. Not for sale or trade. Insulters of jesus. Sarcofago Backpatch Finally I get my Sarcofago. Finally I get my Sarcofago. Not for sale or trade. Insulters of jesus.

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Sarcofago Back PatchSarcofago

SARCOFAGO Big Back Patch Quality Embroidered Back Patch Patch Can Be Ironed/Smelted On Or Sewn On Size: 10'/25.5cm x 6.2'/16cm Free Shipping! Here are the basic instructions for setting our iron on patches. Step 1: Set iron to 'COTTON', 400 degrees, for one minute.

Iron Maiden Back Patch

Sarcofago Back Patch

Step 2: Thoroughly iron area of garment where patch will be placed. Step 3: Spray water light on the back. Position your patch where you desire, Place it on garment, embroidery facing up. Step 4: Place cloth or light towel over patch and using a slow circular motion, press firmly for 30 seconds.

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Step 5: Let cool for one minute. If edge of patch can be lifted, repeat step 5. Please Allow 7-21 days for International Delivery Delivery To Italy & South America Can Take Longer.

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