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Download Sanitarium Sanitarium is a single player adventure game belonging to the psychological horror genre. It is based on a very strong and eerie concept that revolves round the character named Max Laughton. The character is a peculiar patient of amnesia residing within the four walls of a creepy asylum, surrounded by secrets, mystery and other patients having a history of psychological disturbances. As a gamer, one has to control the character of Max whose life took a complete turn after he had a car accident and he became a victim of amnesia. In Sanitarium, Max needs to gain back his memory in order to know how he ended up being in the spooky asylum and what vital details of his life he has been missing out! The game can be regarded as a gripping psycho thriller package where one gets to be in a different kind of a virtual world.

Sanitarium Game Review

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The game is scary in its own way and runs high on entertainment factor. Sanitarium has made a name for itself owing to the superb gameplay, catchy soundtrack and well designed graphics. The game involves a lot of logical approach from the players and the puzzles are equally challenging.

Sanitarium is much different from the other games of its genre. The terror and the horror involved at each phase of the game leads you to think differently all the more. The game is replete with twists and turns, which contribute to the success of the game. In short, Sanitarium is worth a try.

Sanitarium is a point-and-click adventure game, best described as a psychological thriller. The player is cast as Max Laughton, a man who wakes up in a bizarre asylum, suffering from amnesia due to a car accident. He will have to find out who he is, and what he is doing there. The game world is divided into five different levels, each having its own atmosphere, and it's not always clear if something is happening on the grounds of the sanitarium or in the delusional mind of the protagonist. Both movement of Max and picking up items are done with the mouse. Puzzles are mostly inventory-related, with a few machine and lever puzzles.

There are also a few action sequences, but even when the player dies, the game can be continued without any penalty. Talking to various NPCs will teach the player about their bizarre surroundings. Note: This is the original 3 CD-ROM release of the game, not the merged and optimized version on

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