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Hifin Solutions provides Payroll Software in Kenya which includes Kenyan standard based human resource management for company. Hifin 's Payroll system in Kenya is. Kenyan Payroll Software for Kenya's Payroll Rules (Used By 140 Organizations [at last count]).

SunLax HRMIS A company is as good as its employees. Employees generate ideas and are the most valuable asset in a company, an organization does not give service, and by itself is neither efficient nor productive. People make all of those things happen.

Payroll Software Canada

SunLax HRMIS and Payroll Solution provides a comprehensive range of tools to help HR and payroll teams perform their roles. Workflow and employee self-service facilities help reduce duplication, minimizing the time spent by staff on day-to-day administration. Inquiry, reporting and analysis tools help managers to gain a clearer insight into an organization's resources.We provide the optimal solution for any industrial sector. Price and performance that are unbeatable. Professional parameterization and handling. Product Features SunLax HRMIS & Payroll is an integrated Web based Human Resource (HR) and Payroll Management Information System designed to meet the needs of small-to-medium sized organizations that wish to automate their HR and payroll requirements and ensure compliance. Windows 10 audit failure.

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This System maintains Employee database, each with relevant payments and deductions and can be integrated with biometric devices and other ERP Solutions with real time reports and Business intelligence. SunLax Human Resources (HR) and Payroll offers fully integrated functionality enabling HR and payroll departments to access, process, operate and manage all aspects of the organization's hire-to-retire cycle and payroll functions. Inquiry, reporting and analysis tools help managers to gain a clearer insight into an organization's resources. If you are looking for a stable Payroll Software in Kenya, look no further. SunLax Human Resource and Payroll has automated and made a difference in how SME process their payrolls and structure work flows in Human Resource Departments. Human Resource (HR) module automates the human resource processes and helps the HR manage employees effectively. The HR module maintains human resource information spanning the entire life cycle of the employee from induction through termination of employment.

This module also keeps track of the employee's qualifications, attendance records, performance evaluations and promotion history. Our Payroll System is now integrated to iTax, NSSf and NHIF Portals to make it easy to upload Statutory reports. Online Cloud payroll software for Kenya with Employee self service, KRA iTax, NSSF and NHIF formatted reports.

Payroll Mate Payroll Software

The customization feature of this module allows SunLax HR and Payroll to implement and monitor Human Resource policies. Has cloud capabilities and can be hosted on demand and accessed on the go from any device from smartphones, tablets to ordinary PCs.Among the Best Payroll Software Systems in Kenya.

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