Msword9 Olb

We have two C programs that read layout data from an Excel sheet. Query a database for results and then write a report in Word. For some reports we randomly get the text in red below appearing. By random I mean we havent got an explanation for it.

Reason Core Security anti-malware scan for the file msword9.olb (SHA-1 9b10c8b533587eb72950382aec0a7d4d1e58d373). Reason Core Security has detected the file msword9.

If I close everything down and re-run the program the text will appear in exactly the same place. If I run the same program but generate a report based on different data the report will print as expected. We have Windows XP SP2. Office 2000 (Word & Excel 2000 9.0.8968 SP3) CVI is 8.5.1 Has anyone else seen the same thing? Have we broken some golden rules for opening or closing Word documents from CVI?


Chris R4.1 Cable Terminating Shelf 29ETE41550AAA 3 07 Fibre Terminating Shelf 29PWS00002ACP 6 01 C: Program Files Microsoft Office Office MSWORD9.OLB 29ESU41001AAA 9 07 2 Conductor Earth Isolation PBA 29YPB20006AFL 7 04 Motorised Rheostat 1 29CRS21005AAM 2 02 Motorised Rheostat 2. Hi Nilesh, If the issue only seems to happen randomly, it could be said that the code is not to fault. But the problem could occur with the system itself. By this I mean there could be a conflict caused by another programme or application or even a background programme, i.e. An active X or virus scan engine could be trying to access the file at the same instant you are running you code. I would suggest looking at the task manager to see what is running as the code is stepped through, and turn of/ disable any unnecessary background programmes that could possibly cause the conflict. Hi Jordan, Thanks for your reply.

Ms Word Object Library

I tried turning antivirus off but with no luck. Is it possible for you to have a netmeeting session with me so i can show you what the problem exactly is?

The text appears on same location everytime. Scarface pc patch 1.00.1. If i debug the project and go trhough that line it prints that extra text instead of original text but when i set the next statement to the same line of code again it prints the right text second time. Could not understand the behavoiur. If it is possible for you to have a netmeeting with me and chris then it would be great. Please let me know if you are ok with that.

Hi tesvd, There are a couple of resolutions for this issue. They may sound a little strange but they appear to work: Currently there is an open CAR# 60948 about this problem and I cannot give you a resolution time for when this will be fixed.

All I can suggest is that you look at the Readme file of the next release of CVI and see if this CAR number appears. If it is listed, then the issue has been resolved. Here are the two workarounds: There are two work arounds that we were able to find. 1) Try changing the following line (if applicable): sprintf(printinfo,'%d t t%4.1f t t%4.1f',i, stepvalues,stepvalues); Change the string to have a lot of following spaces such as this: sprintf(printinfo,'%d t t%4.1f t t%4.1f ',i, stepvalues,stepvalues); 2) On my Vista 64 machine, and on my XP 32 machine, if the path (including the name of the executable) was longer than 81 characters, I never encountered the breakpoint exception. On my Vista 64 machine, if the path (again including the name of the exe) was longer than 121 characters, I didn't see either the breakpoint exception, or the text replacement. This did not hold true for the XP machine, as the text replacement was not happening at 120 characters - I did not narrow it down any further than this.

I hope this helps.

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