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Hi there - really hope someone has worked more with this new Insight Control server provisioning than me who can help. I am trying to use the new Insight Control server provisioning 7.2.2 to install SPP as part of the OS build plan.

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Migrate from HP Insight Control server deployment. See the HP Insight Control Server Provisioning Installation Guide available at http://www.hp.com/go. Hp Insight Control Server Provisioning 7.2. Insight Control server deployment drops support for LinPE 32 bit. For information about installing these.

But the problem is that I can't install SPP with the server provisioning appliance. When I run the default SPP OS build plan named: ' ProLiant SW - Install Windows SPP' it fails in step 3: 'Get Deployment Interface Details' with the error: Step 3 of 7: Run Server Script 'Get Deployment Interface Details' Unable to get Management Interface Details Get Deployment Interface Details failed with exit code 1. I have read through the script and can't seem to find where the error is. Is there someone who can get this to work? The script is as follow: # Search Network Adapter Name of the Management interface import sys import socket sys.path.append('/opt/opsware/pylibs') from pytwist import.

from pytwist.com.opsware.search import Filter # Construct a search filter including the hostname as filter. # Create a TwistServer object based on filter. # For each server found, get the server's value object (VO), and associated network adapter def main(argv): if len(sys.argv)!= 2: print 'Invalid parameters passed' return 1 filter = Filter filter.expression = 'devicehostname.=. '%s'% (socket.gethostname) ts = twistserver.TwistServer serverservice = ts.server.ServerService servers = serverservice.findServerRefs(filter) if len(servers). I as well have the same problem with Installing SPP.

I got a bunch of errors before like can't find SPP in windows folder but was able to run it with using just the default proliant SW - Install WIndows SPP. I'm having problems with this appliance and everytime I call support I get no where. I even had it escalated and two people on the call couldn't even answer how to change the name of the computer when it installs Windows 2012, how did I get it to be joined to a domain or even how to run VBS scripts.

ManOLeisure wrote: The error you are getting indicates that it is unable to detect which NIC on your server is the deployment NIC. The deployment NIC is the one that talks back to your appliance. What OS are you trying to install the SPP for? Try this - before running the SPP job, go to the servers screen and select that server.

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In the details section on the right, you should see NIC information for the server, and one of them should be marked as the deployment NIC. If it's not, maybe post that screen shot here. I'm trying to install it on Windows 2012 R2 Datacenter and I have tried both with and without NIC teaming, static IP and DHCP. On the server details screen the deployment NIC is the same as one of the networks and connection is good.

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For the sake of the test I just installed a 2012 Standard and the SPP can then install. So I think it must be because of the R2. Do you now anything about that?

Found with windows 2012; When you build a server with the standard jobs but you added the server to the console with the hostname in lowercase. OS Build Plan: 'ProLiant SW - Install Windows SPP' will call Script: 'Get Deployment Interface Details' This script fails because a it sets a variable (socket.gethostname) for the hostname found in lowercase but the variable it tests against (interface.getLocalHostName) the hostname is in uppercase. Hence the test fails and the script throws an exit code, causing the Build Plan to hold in an error condition. Maybe this was the case here as well. Regards, Sander.

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