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Finding the perfect pair of jeans can feel like a major achievement. Sometimes, though, even a new jean can feel stiff and uncomfortable. If you have sensitive skin — or if your children do — a stiff denim fabric can irritate it and make you avoid wearing that pair of new jeans. The good news is, there are things you can do yourself at home to soften those jeans and make them more comfortable to wear, without the use of harsh chemicals. Just follow our step-by-step, eco-friendly, all natural guide to softening stiff denim fabric, so your blue jeans will feel better against your skin. Note: The following tips can be used on any type of jeans, from white jeans to colored rinses and.

Keep in mind that anything you do at home to treat the fabric of your jeans may change their look and feel, however, so you may want to experiment with of jeans before trying these techniques on more pricey, designer versions. What You'll Need. Pair of jeans you want to soften. Scissors.


White household vinegar. Plastic bucket or tub. Dynon skyview pilot manual. Small square of fine-grit sandpaper. 4 clean tennis balls. Clothes washer and dryer. Every body deserves to wear soft denim jeans.

Porta Images/Getty Images Scratchy clothing tags can irritate sensitive skin, especially for kids. Cut off any manufacturer's tags from the inside of your using sharp, pointy scissors.

Be very careful to snip close to the threads but not directly on top of them, to avoid puncturing the pants fabric. You can always save the tags as well, if you want to refer to any special washing instructions later.

Handy Tip: Keep snipped-off clothing tags in a dedicated place in your laundry room, with a note about which jeans they match up with, so you can easily access this information as needed. Take off jeans and prepare them for washing properly. PhotoAlto/Sigrid Olsson/Getty Images Turning jeans inside out before washing them — especially when you're going to be purposely aggravating the fabric to manipulate its feel, as in this jeans softening tutorial — will help to preserve their look. This is important if you want to avoid fading on a, or don't like the look of distressing.

How to Soften Stiff Work Pants by Melissa J. Soften your hard-hitting and even harder-wearing pants without the fuss. How to Whisker Jeans; How to Clean. While denim fabric is durable and hardwearing, it can be a little stiff and harsh against the skin. If you have a pair of denim jeans or a denim jacket that is too.

Of course, if you find distressed and abraded details charming on denim, you can skip this step entirely. Handy Tip: Wash your jeans alone — or only with other pairs of jeans — for optimal results. Multi-bits/ Photolibrary/ Getty Images White vinegar is a natural softening agent that can soften denim fabric, making it more comfortable to wear.

Make a softening solution for your jeans by combining eight cups of hot tap water with one cup of regular, white household vinegar in a clean bucket or plastic tub. Place jeans into the solution, fully immersing the fabric, and soak for several hours or overnight. A vinegar soak not only softens denim, it can also help to preserve the color in dark rinse jeans and, especially when the jeans are brand new. Handy Tip: Don't worry about your jeans smelling like vinegar chips.

When they dry, the vinegar scent will evaporate, leaving a clean and fresh scent behind. Roll jeans into a ball. Imarchi Margarit / EyeEm / Getty Images When your jeans are fully dry and still hot from the dryer, roll them into a tight ball.

Start at the hems and roll tightly, as you would a sleeping bag, working all the way up to the waistband. Make those jeans into the smallest, tightest ball possible. Then use a bathrobe belt or other longish piece of fabric to tie up the jeans ball so it stays condensed, and leave it to cool for half an hour to an hour.

Rolling your jeans this way when they're still hot from the dryer helps to the denim, loosening the tightly knitted fibers of the fabric, for a softening effect. Handy Tip: If you're rolling up several pairs of jeans, as an alternative to tying them up, you can fit them into a basket or other container where they're tightly packed in, to prevent them from unrolling. Treat your jeans with sandpaper. Benjamin Egerland / EyeEm / Getty Images Now you're going to sand your jeans, to give them a softer, lived-in feel, without putting in the hours of wear. Unroll your jeans and, making sure they are still turned inside-out, use a small square of sandpaper to gently scrape the surface of the denim fabric.

How To Soften Stiff Jeans Salt

Start at the top of the jeans, moving your sandpaper square in horizontal strokes to scrape the fabric. Take your time scraping your way along the fabric (you can brush away the bits of loosened fiber that come off the jeans as you go), all the way down Handy Tip: Use fine grit sandpaper to achieve a softening effect. Put tennis balls in the dryer cycle with jeans.

Soften Stiff Jeans Permanently

How To Soften Stiff Jeans

Russell Sadur / Getty Images Put your freshly washed jeans into the clothes dryer, adding four new (clean) tennis balls. The tennis balls will give your jeans a strenuous 'massage' as they go through the dryer cycle, helping to soften the denim fabric for a worn-in feel. Handy Tip: Set the dryer on low heat to prevent shrinkage, especially if your jeans have a Or if you don't mind a bit of shrinking, you can select the hottest setting, which will help to further soften.

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