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Dosch HDRI: Tokyo Backplates contains 15 backplate sets or sceneries. Each set depicts one scene through backplate images, plus the corresponding HDRI for lighting of objects - and their reflections. Through combination of the background image and an HDR-image of the object that is to be depicted at that exact location, absolutely realistic overall results are possible. Background Backplate + 3D model of a product + HDRI for Reflections & Illumination = Perfect Result The backplates are provided in a resolution of 7216 x 5412 pixel - and the highest resolution of the Spherical Map HDRIs is 13000 x 6500 pixel.

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The 30GB pack is split into 5 parts for easy download and includes a huge selection of the HDRi and backplates currently available from Panocapture. HDRI skies, backplate images and movies for visualizations and automotive renderings.

Radiosity - and therefore the use of HDRIs is directly supported in many 3D-applications like Lightwave (version 6.0 and higher), Softimage XSI, Maya & Mentalray, Pixar RenderMan, Bryce 6, Autodesk VIZ, messiah:render (Arnold), InSight (Integra), 3ds-max & VRay, 3ds-max & Brazil r/s (Splutterfish), 3ds-max & finalRender (Cebas), Cinema4D Version 8.1 and more. For further HDRI-rendering tools options the documentation of the used 3D-program should be consulted. And each HDR image is provided in the industry standard.HDR.


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Urban Hdri Backplates

High resolution HDRi maps with matching backplates for rendering realistic 3D cars. Sold as royalty free images with instant download.


So they are useable in most rendering applications. Download the. Order will be processed within 12 - 36 hrs after payment realisation.

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