Hdd Thermometer

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HDD Thermometer is a powerful application capable of monitoring your hard drive's temperature levels, as the name implies. It offers support for multiple drives and prevents overheating and data loss, catering to advanced users.

  1. Hdd Thermometer Download
  2. Hard Disk Thermometer

The Question SuperUser reader Royi Namir needs to settle a dispute with a colleague: I had an argument with a colleague about: “ How do software programs (i.e. ) determine the temperature of the hard drive?” I said that there must be a thermometer inside the HDD and the data (via SMART) is passed as regular info to the soft which wants that info. He said: “ No.

Hdd Thermometer

There is no thermometer inside the HDD. You have to plug it as another hardware on your HDD. All the software uses statistics about heat from the RPM info” So, how do software programs like hwmonitor, determine the temperature of the HDD?

Let’s dig in and get to the bottom of this friendly dispute. The Answer SuperUser contributor Renan backs up Royi’s assessment: The hard drive has a temperature sensor (or multiple temperature sensors – they might be used for internal control, self-test etc) inside, and this data is passed through SMART (in fact, this ).


Hdd Thermometer Download

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Hard Disk Thermometer

If you’re curious about the SMART system and everything it is capable of reporting, we highly suggest checking out the link above. You’ll find there are variable for everything from temperature to spin time to errors and everything in between. Have something to add to the explanation? Sound off in the the comments. Want to read more answers from other tech-savvy Stack Exchange users?.

The freeware HDD Thermometer constantly monitors the temperature of the hard disk and takes the necessary measures to avoid overheating. To do this, the freeware HDD Thermometer provides warnings with alarm tones or switches off the computer or switches to hibernation mode.

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