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TrueSizer helps your business. Wilcom’s original viewing software is an industry favorite for viewing, sizing and converting embroidery files.

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Embroidery Software Wilcom: The world's favorite embroidery & apparel decoration software since 1979. Embroidery Software is our business.

Available as a Desktop download and Web application, TrueSizer allows you to not only view embroidery files but also make adjustments such as achieving quality scaling and re-sizing as well as the ability to convert files to a wide range of formats. The latest addition to the TrueSizer family, TrueSizer Pro, gives you even more power and control over designs, including the ability to view multiple designs and create multiple colorways, as well as viewing designs on garments and printing design approval sheets for easy customer approvals. You can now do even more with TrueSizer: TrueSizer Pro NEW!

The newest addition to the TrueSizer range, TrueSizer Pro is the most powerful version yet. TrueSizer Pro includes all the functions of the original TrueSizer plus great new features as well. These include the ability to work on multiple designs, create multiple colorways and view your designs in hoops. TrueSizer Pro can also help to improve the customer approval process, allowing designs to be visualized on garments and to be shared with staff and customers via design approval sheets. TrueSizer Desktop This free software makes it easy for Wilcom customers and their customers to work with Wilcom.EMB files.With hundreds of thousands of TrueSizer registered users (and counting!), it's safe to say that it has become an industry standard for viewing, sizing and converting embroidery files. TrueSizer Web You can also access your embroidery files on the go!

Wilcom's TrueSizer Web is a free web app which you can access on your PC, Mac and mobile devices such as iPad or Android devices. Work with Wilcom.EMB files without the need for a digitizing system, and without having to download any software. Work with designs on your local computer, or directly to cloud storage account. Note: Truesizer Web has slightly less functionality than the downloadable desktop TrueSizer application. Features Open, view and size any supported embroidery file and then convert it to a wide range of formats. If you find a CND file you like, open it in TrueSizer, scale it to fit your intended purpose, and save it as a.DST file.

TrueSizer opens over 40 file formats and saves files to over 20 formats. Save your files in Wilcom's all in one EMB format, or in formats compatible with 30 embroidery and sewing machines. Original quality.EMB files The ability to access and modify designs is central to all activities in the embroidery company. TrueSizer uses Wilcom’s original.EMB file format, the only one in the industry to include both object outlines and stitches. Advan vandroid.

So, it scales to perfection, recalculating the stitches from the outlines and the object properties. Send and receive.EMB designs by email Obtaining customer approval for a design can be time-consuming and expensive. Give customers TrueSizer and they can receive.EMB files instantly by email, check designs in TrueView and give immediate feedback.

They can even do their own simple editing. Empower customer service to speed up production processes Locating designs, printing production worksheets and writing production disks doesn't need to be done by the digitizer.

TrueSizer enables other team members to create customer approval and production worksheets and write embroidery disks (particularly useful in businesses with multiple embroidery machine brands/formats). Read and convert many popular file formats EMB files can be readily converted to other formats so you don't have to switch back and forth between different programs. Increase production efficiency Thread breaks and poor start-/end-point positioning are common causes of production inefficiency. TrueSizer includes small stitch filter and auto start/end control features so production staff can modify designs quickly and efficiently on the factory floor. Guarantee quality of the final stitchout Because EMB format combines original outlines (condensed data) with the full original stitch data, customers will receive designs exactly as they were created – complete with any fine-tuning stitch edits that may be included.


They can still resize the design from the original outlines with guaranteed rescaling. No confusion switching between multiple expanded and condensed files. 7.Open multiple designs (TrueSizer Pro only) TrueSizer Pro gives you the ability to work on several designs simultaneously, allowing you to open as many designs as you like within the same screen. This can be useful when needing to refer to multiple designs or when showcasing design options to customers. Multiple colorways and thread matching (TrueSizer Pro only) Create and save multiple colorways in.EMB designs and match threads to all color slots in the current colorways.

Free Download Wilcom Software

You can also change and match colors in your.EMB,.ART and.JAN designs based on colorways. Product visualizer (TrueSizer Pro only) Being able to view designs on garments is a vital part of the design, approval and production process. With over 50 product templates to choose from TrueSizer Pro allows you to visualize your design in the correct size and location on your garment. When it comes to production there are over 60 hoops to choose from so that you can visualize and adjust the design according to your machine hoops. Print design approval sheet (TrueSizer Pro only) Customer approvals are often difficult and time consuming but with TrueSizer Pro, you can print and share design approval sheets showing design size and location on garments, for easy approvals. TrueSizer at a glance:.

Open and precisely re-size original digitized designs in Wilcom.EMB format. Preserve the original stitching effects and densities, including advanced fancy fills, etc. Resize, rotate and mirror designs. Read and convert many popular commercial and home expanded/condensed file formats. View designs in TrueView™ and normal stitch view.

Email EMB files directly from application. Print production worksheets with key design information and thread color sequence.


Make sales presentations and sales printouts. Save designs in Wilcom.EMB format. Convert designs into various commercial and home stitch file formats for production. Output to embroidery disk Additional features for TrueSizer Pro:. Open multiple designs.

Re-color. EMB designs based on colorways.

Change and re-color.EMB,.ART,.JAN designs. Create and save multiple colorways in.EMB designs. Match threads to current colorway. Match threads to all color slots in the current colorway. Re-color designs saved in non-EMB formats - eg.DST. Create customer approval sheets showing design and location on garments.

View designs on garments. Display designs in hoops Release Notes. What’s new in TrueSizer Desktop? As part of Wilcom's Elements 3 product suite, TrueSizer e3 contains many new valuable features. Microsoft Windows 7 & 8 compatible Read & write Wilcom EMB e3 file format. Support for multi-decoration design elements. Thumbnails also include multi-decoration objects.

Extra-large TrueView thumbnails. Improved Windows Explorer Preview Selection of free embroidery designs TrueSizer is installed with a selection of free designs. View multi-decoration EMB designs TrueSizer isn't just for embroidery! View designs that contain bling, sequins, printed elements and applique fabric. The file also include the multiple colorways.

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