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The Blue Flame Club


(.pdf) 'PNMI' stands for Private Non-Medical Institutions. This is a category of residential treatment facilities, and certain services to residents at these facilities are paid for by MaineCare. There are five groups of PNMIs, listed below.

Changes to the reimbursement policies for PNMIs are being considered as budget proposals and as adjustments required by the Federal government. The Department has formed Stakeholder Groups for the PNMI Appendix groups. The stakeholders' groups were formed in follow up to the public forums held last fall across the state.

The Department is exploring with providers and consumers all options related to the restructure of the PNMI model. This website ensures that everyone has access to the working documents and work products of the Stakeholder Groups. All meeting and study materials, and products of the Stakeholder Groups will be posted here under the corresponding Appendix. Stakeholder (.pdf) has been established and meetings have commenced. As information becomes available for each PNMI group, it will be posted here, so check back often. View the answers to Message regarding Maine DHHS meeting with CMS Following a conference call between the leadership of DHHS and CMS, the decision was made to postpone the meeting scheduled with CMS for 5/31/12. At this time the Department does not have the level of detail necessary to support the recommendations for each Appendix in order to meet the expectations of CMS.

The Department will continue our work on each of the models, working with each Stakeholder group should further information be needed, and a notice will be posted here when the meeting has been rescheduled.

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