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Savegame for Far Cry 3 The game done 100%! – Selected ending – friends saved – All crystals – All Relics – Complete all the secondary objectives.

I saw that a lot of people have problem with weird save deleting and asking where are savegames. This is cracked blackbox version so don't know where it is on original (Try on 'C: Program files(x86) Ubisoft Ubisoft Game Launcher savegames' Some people claimed that they found saves there, but i don't have savegames folder'.

I saw that people on that torrent telling how game is crashing and saves deleting, i don't have that problems for now. Playing 2 days, on chapter 7 still everything is ok but i'm entering the game with 'farcry3d3d11.exe' so try that! So better backup every few chapters to avoid problems or if you reinstalling the game just paste saves back. Pro evolution soccer 2017 v1.01 plus 7 trainer. Hope i help someone.

SaveFar Cry 3 Save Game S

Far Cry 3 Saved Games

Far Cry 3 Save Game S

Far Cry 3 Save Games Download

Any chance you have a save for Triple Decker? My game crashes on Doppelganger every single time I get to the recruit, screen goes black I hear his body getting dumped in the water then the game just locks up and never gets off the black screen. I would like to finish this game and have searched the net but no one has come up with a way to fix this glitch that I could find. I have had zero problems with glitches or bugs until this mission, now I'm stuck and can not complete the darn game. The only 'fix' that some people claim works I already tried, like using the lowest settings and switching to DX9 from DX11. None of that BS works and from all the posts I found on the net this is a very common problem. I am wondering if that why you haven't posted a Triple Decker save yourself?

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