Fanuc Tp Editor Software

Dec 15, 2004 Does anyone know how to decompile the robot programs on the fanuc RJ systems so that I can make backups of them as text files and edit.

Fanuc tp editor

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Fanuc Tp Editor SoftwareFanuc tp editor

This depends which file type on the RJ platform you want to convert to ASCII. There are several extension types on the,.sv,.io,.df.etc. TP(teach-pendant files are the most basic, you need a FANUC utility called printtp.exe. To convert sv files you need a utility called kcovars.

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You cannot covert the.pc files they are FANUC source code, they have been coverted from ASCII using ktrans to machine language and cannot be converted back to ASCII. You can save the program on using the teach-pendant print file utility, this will convert only tp programs to ASCII, the new extension will, use any word editor to view this.

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