Download Princess Crown English Patch Psp

Princess Crown (Saturn) English Translation. Seeing your investment into Saturn emulation I guess you don't plan to do the PSP version of Princess Crown as well?

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Princess Crown Translation - Introduction - This information is provided to developers for the purpose of contributing to this project. If this describes you, then great! Otherwise, please consider waiting for the final full release. How to Patch - 1.

Make sure you have the original Princess Crown release(not satakore) and rip the disc to bin/cue using your favorite utility(if unsure how to do, check Google). Go to command prompt and into where you have the disc image and patch files, and type 'xdelta -d -s yourdiscimage.bin princesscrown.xdelta princesscrownenglish.bin' 3. Open the disc image cue file in a text editor and make sure the line that contains 'yourdiscimage.bin' is changed to princesscrownenglish.bin.

Now you're ready to run it in your favorite emulator(Yabause ^-) or burn on a disc and run it on your modified(or soft-modded using PseudoSaturn ^-) Saturn. Build Dependencies - -xdelta -isotools(included in source) -vcdbuild RE-dux(included in source) -Princess Crown disk image in bin/cue format -Saturn code was compiled using the kpit elf compiler. You will need to compile some kind of SH2 cross compiler beforehand. Otherwise everything else should be detected using cmake.

Build Instructions - 1. Start up cmake-gui. Set 'Where is the source code' to where you downloaded source code to.

Princess Crown English Patch

Set 'Where to build the binaries' to another directory, ideally not the same directory as source code. Make a note of directory. Click on 'Configure' and answer yes to create directory if it doesn't exist. Choose which compiler you're using. Click 'Next'.

If not detected, specify locations of xdelta, isotools, vcdbuild. Also change language if necessary.

Press Configure again. If there's any errors, correct them. Otherwise click 'Generate' button. If everything is successful you should get a message '100% Built target pcrown'.

Princess Crown Translation Patch

Download Princess Crown English Patch Psp

Princess Crown English Translation

The final patch is princesscrown.xdelta and the final disk image is binary is called 'PseudoSaturn.BIN' is is located in the binaries directory. Credits - -CyberWarriorX(hacking and insertion utilities) -SamIAm(translation) -cafealpha(mksplash) Special Thanks - Thanks to buds on #yabause, #mednafen, rhdn, and assemblergames -Amon -BlueCrab -Charles MacDonald -esperknight -Guill -jhl -mrkotfw -pinchy -SamIAm -SaturnAR -tehcloud -WhiteSnake -vbt for his code that became helpful for understanding and rebuilding the main code.

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