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Query Tool (using ODBC) is a Universal Data. It lets you query ODBC data sources, author SQL. And HTML formats, retrieve ODBC driver information, and more.

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DBISAM ODBC Driver Setup Tutorial for CyberMatrix software DBISAM ODBC Driver Setup Tutorial NOTICE: if you are having problems with the ODBC driver you should only contact us and not Elevate Software, the makers of this driver. We have an agreement with Elevate to provide this driver to our customers in exchange that we handle all support.

Contacting Elevate for support jeopardizes this important business relationship. If you are so unhappy with our ODBC driver support you can purchase a license for this driver from Elevate.

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Odbc Driver 11

Only in this way are you eligible to contact them for support. After installing the DBISAM ODBC driver you must create a new ODBC data source. New ODBC data sources are created in the ODBC Data Sources control panel.

To open the ODBC Data Sources control panel choose Start Settings Control Panel from the start menu. In Windows 98 and Windows ME you will see something like this: Double click the ODBC Data Sources control panel to open it. In Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 32 bit systems you will have to open the Administrative Tools control panel and then the Data Sources (ODBC) icon: Note that this driver will not appear here on 64 bit systems. If you have a 64 bit version of Windows you will need to run the 32 bit ODBC Data Source Administrator. You do this by pasting this line C: Windows SysWOW64 odbcad32.exe into the search box in the Start menu. From the ODBC Data Source Administrator click on the System DSN tab.

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Click the Add button to add a new system DSN. Make sure the DBISAM 3 ODBC Driver is selected or select the read-only DBISAM 3 ODBC Driver is you don't need to edit data.

Then click the Finish button. Enter a descriptive name for the data source. Keep the connection at Local and press Next. Press the Select button to choose the folder of the CyberMatrix data files that you want to access. And press OK. Press Next four more times then click the Finish button. You will have successfully created a system DSN that can be used from most common database application to access CyberMatrix Data.

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