Cracking Transmission Case

Mechanic says that there is a crack in the transmission housing. Cracked Transmission Housing 12 months. Is the crack were the trans and transfer case bolt.

  1. Transmission Case Repair

Transmission Case Repair

Welding aluminum transmission case

So i somehow cracked my tranny case one evening (happend because while i was drivn my exhaust pipe somehow came loose from watever it was connected to and hit the ground and popped up and hit something that cracked my case) so tranny fluid came spilln out and i had to get it towed.not knowing what happend yet i attempted to get it towed to the muffler place to get that exhaust fixed but soon as AAA started my car tranny fluid came spilln the guy was nice enuff look underneath (since it has abt a 4inch body lift) and was able to see exactly wat the problem was. My question is. Is it possible to get the crack fixed? If not is it possible to just get a new tranny case witout having to get a new tranny??


If so is it an expensive fix?? Sorry for dumb sounding questions a girl that formerly owned a maxima who now owns a 96 2dr 4x4 tahoe.any help would be appreciated. (look below for pic of my truck.gorgeous!). Yea i took it to aamco first.their quote was WAY expensive.$2400.then i had it towed to a local tranny shop.quoted me $1500 oh and both places said the same abt the crack being un weldable and only thing left to do was rebuild the tranny and get a new case There is a 'professional' non-repairable, and a 'laying in my driveway' non-repairable. There are things that may work 99.999999% of the time that I would NEVER do on a customers car (things that I have done on mine and my family/friends with no problems). The reason is liability.

I'd like to see a picture, but it is your money. Manual instrucciones sigma sport bc 700.

Is it possible to repair a cracked transmission case? I got a used transmission for my '99 Accord V6 because my original is TOAST, and I noticed unloading it that the transmission case near the axle was cracked. The place I got it from offered to weld it, but I'm skeptical that it will hold long enough for me to rebuild my original with a Level10 kit. Anyone have any experience with welding or repairing a crack cast aluminum case??? It's not easy to weld aluminum. (esp cast) Hope they have the right stuff.

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