Atir Strap 2012


ATIR STRAP is a professional CAD program specialized in performing structural analysis on static and dynamic elements, useful for engineers who need to study bridges, buildings, towers or other structures in detail. User interface The main window of the program adopts a multi-tabbed layout where you can check out the models included in the current directory, sorted alphabetically, by date or number. You can preview the model at the bottom of the primary panel and get statistics about it, such as type and number of nodes, beams, elements, solids, supports, properties, submodels, and notes. Additionally, a small icon is revealed near each model signaling its current status, namely only geometry has been defined, geometry and loads have been processed, model has been solved for static loads, or model has been generated for dynamic mode shapes. Defining and revising a model The tool gives you the freedom to revise a model by solving the current model (starts the solution for the highlighted model), several models (solves models in series) or mode shapes (calculates the dynamic mode shapes).

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برنامج Atir strap v11.5، Atir strap 2014، برنامج التحليل الانشائى Atir strap، برنامج التحليل المنشأت. برنامج Atir strap v11.5، Atir strap 2014، برنامج التحليل الانشائى Atir strap، برنامج التحليل المنشأت. Filter reviews by the users' company size, role or industry to find out how ATIR STRAP works for a business like yours.

It is able to handle very large models while offering advanced features to play with, such as tension and compression, unidirectional springs, non-linear springs and others. You can copy and rotate a part of a model while the utility automatically eliminates duplicate beams and nodes, create a mesh of elements, generate solid elements from existing plate elements, as well as make use of a built-in library for shaping up your model. File management options You can create a new model, print or delete data, copy the info to another directory or copy from another directory, make a copy of a model, change the current working directory, copy data to ZIP file format, unzip a model, display all model files, add a file to model list, recover model geometry, and search for a model. Setup options ATIR STRAP gives you the possibility to pick the colors for graphic lines (e.g. Beams, elements, various loads), text associated with each graph line, background, contour map fill, and steel postprocessor capacity.

Atir Strap 2012

Additionally, you may customize the toolbars (which are placed above the graphic display) for geometry, loads, results, steel design and concrete design. You may define up to ten different toolbars for each module.


Utility modules You may opt for creating/editing a Steel section table, compute section properties, combine results of two projects, recreate model list (useful if it’s corrupted), convert STAAD files to STRAP, create STAAD geometry file for the current model, and generate StruCAD/SDNF files which include structural steel detailing options. Dod flip ifr supplement pdf. Additionally, the tool allows you to create STRAP models from DXF files, create DXF files from a model, convert Metafile to DXF, or convert DXF file format to STRAP geometry file. Powerful and reliable structural engineering tool for analyzing building models All in all, ATIR STRAP proves to be a comprehensive and advanced structural analysis and design software system that integrates a rich-featured suite of tools.

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