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Program TV2 TV1 TV3 NTV7 TV9 Astro. Astro Mustika HD [Full]. Untuk download video, sila gunakan software IDM full version. Software does planetary calculations in Tropical or Sidereal zodiac and seven house systems for 8,000 years. Includes Yellow Book Atlas with coordinates and. Astro Flash Full, free astro flash. Flash Boot Full Version. SB-Software Astro Hunter 3D Deluxe is an asteroid shooter arcade game for your windows XP computer.

Advanced Astrology Software for Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 8 or 8.1 Advanced Astrology Software for Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 8 or 8.1 Astrology for Windows™, v. 3.0 AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter™, v.

8.7 AstrolDeluxe Platinum™, v. 9.8 Customers are buying one of three astrology programs now - either the $45.00 Astrology for Windows program, the $169 AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter program, or the $300 AstrolDeluxe Platinum program.

The Astrology for Windows shareware program is available in unregistered demo form as a free software download and in registered form for $45.00. The calculations in this astrology program may be all that an astrology hobbyist needs.

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The $300 AstrolDeluxe Platinum, version 9.8, branched away from AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter in 2016 when John Halloran worked for eight months with over 100 Beta testers to add an ambitious set of advanced new calculation features, many of which have not been seen before in any Windows program. The $169 AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter program is version 8.7 of AstrolDeluxe for Windows. AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter is a full-featured calculation program which bundles the 250,000 cities PC Atlas. Although many astrologers buy it just for its calculation ability, built into AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter is an unparalleled report printing engine that lets you print customizable professional-length interpretation reports without leaving the calculation program. It comes with well-written interpretations for 18-page natal reports, and professional astrologers have written interpretation sets for nine longer reports that can be added for $100 each.

There are substantial discounts if you are upgrading from an older program. System Requirements AstrolDeluxe Platinum and AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter are completely compatible with both 32-bit & 64-bit Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7, while retaining compatibility with older versions of Windows, such as Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and Vista.

Both AstrolDeluxe programs come together with their add-ons on a single custom-made CD. Become a master astrologer with the help of the. Version 8.7 added the ability to determine the distinctive planetary signature for a family, workplace, or any other group of up to 300 people.

The Group Signatures are in the same Planet Strengths bar graph form as you are presently able to generate for individuals, allowing you to compare and contrast an individual's energies to the energies of his or her family, workplace, or other group. Version 8.6 added the ability to automatically draw upon separate interpretations depending on if the report is for a male or a female.

Version 8.5 let you see local space planet lines drawn on world maps. For details,. Version 8.4 let you click on the colored planet energy bars in the Planet Strengths bar graph in order to see all the aspects that contribute to those Harmonious and Inharmonious strengths. For additions to and information about version 8, please. When Halloran Software creates your personalized AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter program CD, we will add to folders on the CD all the add-on interpretation sets that your customer record shows you to have purchased.

There is no need to contact Halloran Software in order to install the CD to different computers. Product activation may be added in the future for new customers, but I do not feel that product activation is needed for existing customers.

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This will give you a CD which will be a reliable means for future installations of your software. Astrology for Windows is now available in a 32-bit version 3.0 which is 100% compatible with everything from 32-bit Windows 95 to 64-bit Windows 7, 8, and 10. It is available by electronic download with a registration price of $45.00 for new users and $35.00 to previous Astrology for Windows customers. It comes in 15 world languages. For more info, Design and Interface The Windows astrology programs from Halloran Software result from a collaboration between John Halloran and Robert Brown These programs merge our talents for astrology a secure foundation advanced technology and a pleasing interface A reviewer says of the interface: 'simple and intuitive', 'a pleasure to use', 'runs very cleanly', 'thoroughly tested', and 'I didn't crash the program once' ( Mountain Astrologer). The user interface (12K image) for the 'amazingly inexpensive' Astrology for Windows. The Astrology for Windows shareware program comes with foreign language files for installing it in any of 15 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Czech, Romanian, Finnish, German, Slovak, Polish, and Russian.

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At this time, the extensive Help manual is only in English, but some customers have written that the program is so intuitive they never had to read the manual. However, 'the documentation and Help are very informative, obviously produced with care' ( ibid). If you are interested in downloading Astrology for Windows. Software Features.

Zodiac calculations for 8,000 years. sun, moon, and planets;. twelve house cusps;. Ascendant and Midheaven;. the moon's nodes and apogee (either Mean or True);. Part of Fortune ( can reverse night births);.

Vertex and East Point (in Deluxe);. Chiron for 1800-2100 AD ( Astrology for Windows);. Chiron, Ceres, Juno, Pallas, Vesta for 1650-2100 AD ( Deluxe);. Black Moon Lilith (the moon's apogee, either Mean or True) ( Deluxe);. Eris for 1650-2100 AD ( Platinum);. You can customize inclusion of the points other than sun, moon & planets. 80 asteroids for 1800-2100 AD ( Deluxe);.

Tropical, Sidereal, Draconic ( Deluxe), or Heliocentric ( Platinum) Zodiac with these house systems. Placidus and Koch;. Equal House/Western Style;. Equal House/Eastern Style (whole sign houses);.

Campanus, Porphyry, & Alcabitius;. Topocentric and Monthly ( Deluxe);. Aries and Regiomontanus( Deluxe);. User Cusp (for Equilibrium Charts) ( Deluxe). Note: Our astrology programs are the only American-distributed commercial horoscope software to correctly calculate the Ascendant, Midheaven and houses for circumpolar locations.

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Single Graphic Charts sample printed chart. (26K image) AstrolDeluxe features customizable zodiac sign images at the center of the chart wheel. Sample printed zodiac-proportional graphic aspects wheel. (42K image) You can interact with the on-screen graphic aspects wheel by scrolling the aspect orb width and/or by selecting which aspects to include. Wheel Page With PowerGraph. (40K image; Platinum) New with version 7, the graphic aspects wheel screen gives you a listbox of all the aspect patterns that the program found for the chart - clicking a pattern name in the list will clear all the aspect lines and draw just that pattern on the chart - you can arrow up and down through all the patterns in the listbox to see each pattern in the chartwheel. Version 8 lets you add for $50 a set of 392 for very personal interpretation reports of the patterns that are unique to a particular chart.

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These reports are both educational and fun to run. Sample aspect pattern in the wheel. (55K image) If you have a color printer, you can print beautiful, customizable color wheels. Printed sample of the Grand Septile aspect pattern in Oscar Wilde's chart. (23K image) AstrolDeluxe adds the triangular aspects grid at the bottom of the normal printed chart, plus grids identifying the glyphs of the signs and planets. Sample printed chart with aspects grid. (37K image) sample printed chart with aspects grid and courtesy block.

(37K image) just the printed chart wheel in Spanish. (23K image) sample printed chart with aspects grid and sample courtesy block in Spanish. (35K image) sample printed graphic aspects wheel in Spanish. (36K image) The above AstrolDeluxe charts were generated by the Save Page as Image (with Grids) feature on the File menu of the Chart Information Screen. You yourself can generate these attractive, compressed image files.

Save any single chart to an all-ASCII character or HTML wheel, suitable when the display calls for text only - ASCII character chartwheel. To see a sample of the on-screen Boehrer Graphic Declination Chart. (19K image) to see a sample of the printed Boehrer Graphic Declination Chart.

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