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Is this issue I'm having with AutoCAD 2010 LT just my problem or has anyone else seen this happen when using symbols with Comic Sans MS font in PDF plot files? We have been using Comic Sans MS true font in AutoCAD since version 2000 all the way to 2009 LT without any font problems when generating drawings in PDF format (standard DWG to PDF. Now with AutoCAD 2010 LT some symbols no longer work (diameter for one).

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I can take the same dwg file to AutoCAD 2009 LT and not have the problem. I converted the text to ISOCPEUR true font and the symbols work. It seems to be related to the COMIC SANS MS font. I hate to think that our library of company standard details will all need to be converted to another font type, plus any older drawings as needed. The attached file is what I see when opening the TEXT TEST.PDF plot file. A row of dots appears in the lines of text that contain the missing symbol. I am using Adobe Reader 9 to view the pdf file.

Hi I have AutoCAD 2010. 'Cannot find or create the font ArialMT' and my text is replaced. AutoCAD 2010 DWG to PDF 'Cannot find or create the font. Go to File>Properties>Fonts. Does it list ArialMT and does it say embedded or embedded subset next to it? Let me know if the PDF files are created using AutoCAD?

Hi I have AutoCAD 2010. 'Cannot find or create the font ArialMT' and my text is replaced. AutoCAD 2010 DWG to PDF 'Cannot find or create the font xxx' Options.

The way I create the drawing in PDF format is to plot the layout with the standard 'DWG to PDF.pc3' plotter option, 'plot extents', 'fit to paper', 'OK'. That is all we have ever done.

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The font was assigned in text style for the drawing using the 'Format' 'Text Style' 'Font Name' 'ComicSansMS' 'Apply' from the menu. This happens on all the CAD stations in the office, none of which have are running anything different from each other. All XP-PRO SR3, all at AutoCAD 2010 LT (standalone version). When 2010LT was installed, the migration from previous release (2009LT) was selected and loaded successfully. After staring up 2010LT, I selected my work settings options that migrated form 2009LT and called up a few drawings and library parts. Everything appeared quite normal and usable. Took the tutorial to see what was new and went to work.

We use a very vanilla install because life is much easier from version to version and that works for our shop. I have never loaded nor customized fonts, just use what comes with the system. I know that Adobe Reader is not part of AutoCAD, but what is generating the.pdf file within the AutoCAD plot module? That would be where the fonts are assigned to for the plot output, right?

It's like some symbols are just not getting defined/assigned. Drawings that were done before 2010LT work fine until you add or edit text that contains a symbol, then the font error occurs and you get a row of dots.Gary 'Dean Saadallah' wrote in message The error message simply states Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader cannot find the font on the PC it is being used on. Adobe Reader is not an Autodesk product and is not fixable from AutoCAD: what did you use for pdf creation and how do you have fonts being handled? Most likely, not the same ways or settings in 2009 or earlier. Dean Saadallah.

I think that the problem is that older versions of the AutoCAD DWG to PDF treated text as graphics so no matter what font you used at creation times it got put into the PDF file as dots. The later driver, including the A2009 bonus driver treated text as vector entities resulting a much smaller PDF file, but to display the PDF file correctly the original fonts must be on the machine viewing the PDF file.

There is a lot to be said for only using Windows standard fonts when you sent files of any type to others. George Drayton CD-CAD Ltd Christchurch New Zealand. Wrote in message.I am having the same problem with AutoCAD 2010 When I use the export PDF function and the Arial or Verdana fonts (possibly others too) adobe gives the error message.

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For example with the arial font I get: 'Cannot find or create the font 'ArialMT' There appears to be no ArialMT font in the windows font directory, but there is an arial.ttf However when I print to the cutepdf printer the file opens fine and all of the text displays. Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue? I also have the same problem with ACAD MEP 2011. But, when I try to create PDF file from DWG file in ACAD 2008, then there are no problems, no messages!!

I use custom made DWG to PDF.dwg file, which has all the settings set OK (that means paper size set to 1050x2500, Standard quality and such). When we, in the office, create PDF's from DWG's we use Publish option.

Then we import created 'DWG to PDF.dwg' file and there are no problems, when created within ACAD 2008. But, as I said, the message appears when created with ACAD 2011.

So, I don't think it the Adobe Acrobat problem, but maybe some ACAD 2011 PDF drivers. Or at least, something like that. Any ideas on this' Thanks guys!

Hello, I found the way to solve this problem its quite easy.

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